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    Riding dirt cycles of course..
  1. snvlynch

    13 450...Single or dual.

    FMF has the single with a new side panel included.
  2. snvlynch

    13 CRF450 Flame Out

    This problem will go away after the bike is broken in well. At least mine did anyway.
  3. snvlynch

    13 crf450 vortex ign wont idle please help

    Put the stock one back on.
  4. snvlynch

    2013 fork air pumps

    I have that same problem with my swivel hose, will try the Teflon tape as you did. I'm not totally happy with these air forks, I'm finding them to be real harsh ..
  5. snvlynch

    2011 gas smell in the oil

    ethanol fuel is bad on rubber seals if you use it.. it could be harming the injectors and causing leakage..?, try and find ethanol free fuel to run in your bikes, also do a search and see the disadvantages of using it. most pump fuel today contains at least 10% ethanol.
  6. snvlynch

    2013 PSF Fork Reviews - let's hear them...

    Love mine. The naysayer can STFU, and my duals are the bomb, would be a fool to replace with a single.
  7. snvlynch

    2013 fork air pumps

  8. snvlynch

    13 450 Pro Circuit T5 Single

    Honda designed the duals for a reason and I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing.
  9. snvlynch

    03 CR125 price

    I bought a 03 for 2 grand, it was a leftover purchased in 06 it had one hour run time on it and that was after it had a 136 bigbore kit installed that cost a grand. The 03 CR125's are slow without a bigbore kit and even then they have no bottom end only top. They handle awesome though and the suspension is pretty good. I love mine but I'm sure the bigbore has alot to do with it. If you can get it for $1400 that would be good but definitely check into a bigbore kit.
  10. snvlynch

    honda or yamaha which is better?

    If you look at the Yamaha ATV room it's has nothing but questions about ill running machines.
  11. snvlynch

    Trip to Florida over xmas break

    http://www.powersportz.com/index.html http://www.ampxtreme.com./
  12. snvlynch

    ATC 250R will "eat" a Banshee??

    The 250R has a close ratio 6 speed transmission that's one reason why they are very fast especially at the Baja 1000, It even beat the truck and buggies there one year I believe.
  13. snvlynch

    Air-Box Cleaning

    If you need to use carb cleaner on your air box than your not cleaning it regularly enough. Also, I think carb cleaner is not real good for rubber and plastic parts, it can dry them out over time.
  14. snvlynch

    air screw

    I believe the starting point is 2.5 turns out than make small adjustiments from there. You shouldn't have too stray far from the standard 2.5 otherwise you'll need to rejet..
  15. snvlynch

    Air-Box Cleaning

    I dilute some simple green in a bucket and use a brush, sponge and water hose, than use a power air blower to dry it out. That works just fine for me, I try too stay away from the harsh chemicals as much as possible.