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  1. I have a 2010 gas gas 250f that I recently purchased. The motor is basically a 2006 wr 250. The jetting is way off and I need some direction to correct the problem. Basically you twist the throttle hard and you may just as well be hitting the kill switch. You can wick it and it will completely die. A friend suggested a power shot pump cover but another friend that used one said it helped a little but did not cure the problem. He said the primary problem was jetting and he had a local mechanic that rides wr's get it fixed for him. I know the problem can be fixed I just need the direction that will help me get it done. Thanks
  2. Fiegs

    rmz 250 enduro/scrambles mods

    I am looking at purchasing an 07 RMZ 250 and would like to do some mods for enduros. I would like add a lighting coil, auto clutch, flywheel weight and 18 inch wheel. Any info on weight size, lighting coil type and if it would affect the flywheel weight. Also what type of wheel will match the hub offset, spokes etc. I also had a question on timing, back in the day the claimed difference with the YZ to the WR yamaha was one tooth difference on the timing chain. Is this a fact and if so would this be worthwhile to do on the 250 or not. Would retarding the timing be beneficial to running enduros on this bike. I recently had a CRF250 X and liked it in the woods although I ate valves like crazy. Any info on these subjects would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Fiegs

    Good Fuel

    I Have Replaced Valves Several Times On My 04 250x And Have Gone Back To The Updated Stock Valves. I Was Told By Thumper Racing That Detonation Is Still The Enemy. I Started Running 114 Octane Race Fuel Mixed 2 Gallons Racing Fuel To 3 Gallons Regular Unleaded. This Gives An Octane Of About 98. I Know There Are Many Theories On The Subject But When You Talk To People You Get So Many Defferent Opinions I Felt I Needed More. I Was Told Running Leaded Fuel Was Not Good For The New Breed Of Four Strokes. I Mix The Gas So The Leaded And The Unleaded Fuel Dilutes The Amount Of Lead. Is There A Problem With This As I Have Not Had Any Trouble But Before I Pop For Another Barrel Of Racing Fuel I Wanted To Get Some More Input. Thanks
  4. Fiegs

    CRF250X/R valve problem, root cause

    I went to farrea (spelling?) valves thinking this would cure the problem but it did not happen. I used there entire set up, springs,valves,seats you name it I used the whole set up. It is a total joke. They only dealt with my shop not individuals. My mechanic installed the whole set up and I still have the same problem. My mechanic called to tell them about the problem and they told him "He is over revving it". Good answer huh, I was also told Kibble White (spelling?) valve springs would cure this but who knows? I would scrap this machine but when it is running I absolutely love it. Let me know what anyone else is doing so I can fix this monster. PS I was told to sell it but I really don't want to give somone else my problem,not cool. Thanks
  5. Fiegs

    Dirt In Carb

    I should have known as I have had a problem years ago with a different bike. Sometimes it takes an outside party to set you on the right path. Thanks again
  6. Fiegs

    Dirt In Carb

    I Have Been Getting Dirt In My Carb Bowl And I Do Not Know Where It Is Coming From. I Have Been Riding And Wrenching For About 30 Years And Cannot Figure This One Out. I Was Racing A While Back And The Bike Was Sputtering Etc. When Finished I Opened The Drain On The Bottom Of The Bowl And It Was Full Of Dirt. I Was Told If That Is Where The Dirt Is, It Is Entering Through The Fuel System Via The Gas Tank/fuel Line. I Have Completley Sealed The Air Box Intake. I Have Cleaned The Tank And Put New Fuel Line With An In Line Fuel Filter And I Am Still Having The Problem. The Only Other Thing I Have Been Thinking About Is That The Brass Pivoting Fuel Intake To The Carb May Somehow Be Injesting Dirt. This One Has Me Baffled, Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
  7. Fiegs

    CRF250X valves

    Thanks for the valve info. One of my mechanic friends said that the valves you were speaking about are made by a really good company. Thanks again
  8. Fiegs

    CRF250X valves

    This is my first post and I am hoping to get some good sound advice. I have a 2004 CRF250X and I really love the bike. I currently race Hare Scrambles and Enduros on it and it really works for me. The only complaint I have with it is the valve problem. I know the maintenance on these is really critical but having the valves tighten up on you when you are in the middle of a three hour hare scrambles or a four hour+ enduro is disheartening. I was wondering if there is a fix for the problem? I have talked to Gary Hazel at thumper racing and he gave me some good advice, but I was wondering if there was anyone out there selling stainless steel valves for these bikes and if that is a fix for the valves tightening up? I am currently looking for some good advice on this situation, if you have any I am really interested in what you have to say. Thanks