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  1. donniedark

    Carb issues due to pipe heat

    Only wrapped from the 2 into 1 junction rearward. Clearance 1/4", maybe 3/8". This started after I installed the JD jet kit. Plug isn't black any more, gas mileage is much improved, but the by product is more heat in the pipe. No problem except in traffic going to work, I work at the top of Nob Hill In San Francisco. Get caught at a couple of red lights and the carb gets hot the fuel boils. Running down the road and she runs great. Down pipe is going to happen. Don't see any other option. Have a computer fan I am going to mount on the left side blowing to the right and see if that will get me by til I can get my normal commuter running. Might try a heat shield too.
  2. I have a problem with heat from the pipe which passes almost under the right side of the float bowl. This is on my 04 625SMC. Leo Vince pipe. Wrapped the pipe from the collector for both ex ports to the joint directly in front of the rear tire. Helped some but if I get stuck in traffic for too long it still heat soaks the carb and its done till it cools down,only happens when stopped for more than a few minuets. Anyone here build their own down pipe? Best length for the head pipes to the collector? Obviously LV has to compromise the head pipe lengths due to the pipe coming around the top end on the right. I think I'll cut up the LV pipe for parts, the collector, bends etc and buy additional material as needed. What would you do? Thanks, Don
  3. donniedark

    What's up with the Vertemati Factory?

    Vertemati has a new website up. Emailed at the address on the site and had a response in two days regarding parts availability. No US dealers though. Don PS, still have my 03 enduro for sale.
  4. donniedark

    CRF250 Valve Springs?

    You don't hear or feel spring surge, harmonics. But damage is evident when you tear the head apart after some use. Don
  5. donniedark

    CRF250 Valve Springs?

    I am a machine shop and have a dealer account with them plus we know each other. When I used the Faction MX parts Kibblewhite was short of parts and I had to get some heads finished. Don
  6. donniedark

    CRF250 Valve Springs?

    I have been told that Kibblewhites springs are not the best choice when going to stainless valves due to surging and other harmonic issues causing the spring seats to take alot of abuse and looking very beatup. I have several sets of Faction MX valves and springs in use but have not had any reason to have those engines apart yet so I have not seen the ongoing results. Kibblewhite is close to me and is quick source of parts and I wanted to try theirs. But... Any opinions from the experts? Don
  7. donniedark

    Kibbles or Faction

    328, I checked Factions website and they say their springs are progressive design. Nothing about conical design. There is a difference, to which were you speaking? Don
  8. donniedark

    '78 TT500 Won't Kick Start When Hot

    Have you ever tried kicking it through several times with the compression release on? Works for me when mine won't fire especially after laying it down. Don
  9. donniedark

    Any other swingarms fit an XT500?

    JYD, Any specifics on the Suzi swingarm mod for the tt, years, shock length, etc anything else I need to know? I already put 88 yz250 front end on it which helped alot and have a set off a 03 yz250 to try next, but the rear needs some serious attention first. Have a installed Progressives but the swing arm needs changing. I was looking for an old Whitebros "banana" swingarm but they appear quite hard to find, you wouldn't know of one around would ya? Or is the Suzi arm just as good? Or better? Thanks, Don