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  1. TXC kickstand for ya! Just confirm that it isn't shipped by some punk that can't remember squat I concur with Ride's comments on the TXC vs. the TE. I had a TE and now own a TXc and believe it's what your after.
  2. I have Acerbis busters and the Magura mounts were required.
  3. Wooohoooo. I'm only a week behind what's happening, right on. It's going to be a good year.............. wait. the years half over.
  4. Looks like your running a trials tire on that baby. How's she perform for ya? Are they as good as peeps say they are?
  5. 57 is far to young to pass. RIP
  6. "Custom built" Looks like something made in grade 10 shop class if ya ask me. No thanks
  7. Just imagine the weight savings that could be had if you replaced nuts and bolts with zip ties. Now I just need to find some red and white zip ties so it doesn't affect the bling factor of the Husky.
  8. That is huge. I'm curious, how does this compare to KTM's (or any other manufacturer for that matter) contigency budget for GNCC?
  9. Does this website really necessitate that much attention? Am I missing the soft porn section on it or what?
  10. I'll need a 75% deposit from a character like you.
  11. You must be one tough mother if you can carry that stand around with you, it's gotta weigh 150 lbs. If Kelly doesn't step up soon I'm going to go on a marketing blitz promoting my reclaimed old growth douglas fir 2X4 stands. I sand them up nice, put a 1/4 radius edge on em so you don't get slivers and dip them in creosote so they'll last 75 years. Only $29.99 plus S&H, C.O.D orders only.
  12. I'm impressed, 4 replies and this thread isn't hijacked yet.