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  1. Im just glad bubba aint going to win everything this year.
  2. soon

    Any info on Pourcel injury??

    i think it was in Ireland this season he crasched . hope he will recover soon but i think he aint gonna be racing this year
  3. soon

    Stewart crash?

    i have the particular crasch but i dont know how to post it any suggestions
  4. soon

    Why is one of my fork seals leaking?

    how do you lube the seals?? Is it grease youre using or what iva heard of that but never tried it
  5. soon

    Why is one of my fork seals leaking?

    yes its has been polished no sharp edges that i have seen will check after new nicks whem im taking it apart.its lucky the season has ended so i have some time to fix it.
  6. soon

    Why is one of my fork seals leaking?

    yes i had a little nick but nothing serious haveone of these seal mates but it doesent help. im going to change again and if it starts to leak im going to change bike i think:cry: . i lve my bike but hate things like this. i live in Umeå in the north of sweden. thnx
  7. soon

    Why is one of my fork seals leaking?

    i have an 06 yz 250 that only leaks on the left side fork. ive had it replaced two times already and now it just poors out dont know what to do
  8. soon

    FIM MXGP Donnington Results *SPOILERS*

    Hamblin has never been in the top then overall i think
  9. i think its cool that its so freaking close wasnt what thought in the start of the season . All top four guys deserve to win but im impressed with Alessis first season in the top class i never thought i would say a year ago . Go mike
  10. just hope he can stay up then . Hope he will take the championship again
  11. does anybody have that pic of rc getting the holeshot and pulling a tearoff while he holds it wide open:worthy:
  12. Hi this weekend i was out with some friends driving on the crust an we came up on a big ski slope so we raced up and i beat them all the times with my yz 250 06. they were driving a 07 yzf 450 and 06 rmz 450 the guy on the rmz weights twice as much as me so i can understand why i beat him but the rider on the yzf is in my weightclass anyway it was a good feeling beating them on my 2 stroke
  13. soon

    RV51 on 250f and 450

    reed is just scared of beeing beaten by him
  14. anyone tried this WEAPON MX G-ZERO FOAM would be nice to hear if it works as good as they say it does