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  1. Wow, nothing like the mountain rides but I took the ole girl out on a shakedown run after doing a new cam,cam chain and cam gear on her last month. Running sweet and making me happy. Just a little putt in the Southern Maine woods. Got to find them where you can around here:banghead:
  2. crag antler

    xl600 head

    DId you pull the cover by the reed valve?? It is the plug marked #8 on the picture. Back by the intake area of the motor. There is a bolt under the cover that must be removed.It should have a little peg sticking up. Get a set of needle nose pliers and tug up. Under it is the bolt.
  3. crag antler

    noise after cam chain replace..'83 XL600R

    Well, working like a bastaad this weekend, I finally got the motor back into the '83.Before I put her back together, I pulled the tensioner shaft one more time and polished it again. Must have made all the difference. Started her up and she sounds GREAT. What a way to end a weekend. A little tappy but tappy valves are happy valves,right?? Anyhow, I can take care of tappy valves.Just so friggin happy the slap has gone away. I can now take her back up into the woods of Moosehead Lake next month. Thanks yall for the kind thoughts and confidence in this. I was afraid I was going to have to give her up and couldn't fathom that. Now to get back into the dirt:banana:
  4. crag antler

    noise after cam chain replace..'83 XL600R

    Thanks for the ideas.
  5. crag antler

    noise after cam chain replace..'83 XL600R

    OK, so maybe meltdown was the wrong word:bonk: What happened was the cam sprocket bolts backed out catching the head and snapping the cam,gear and chain. When it went the bike stopped instantly. I'm going to pull her apart once I order a new clutch cover gasket. I verified that the decomp lever wasn't an issue. I had her running and adjusted the cable either way. On that though,which way is the decomp rod supposed to sit? Flat end up or down? I didn't get a photo when i took her apart.
  6. After my early sping melt-down, I ended up replacing these parts. New cam chain new cam sprocket new cam sprocket bolts new cam chain tensioner new tensioner spring new temsioner shaft o-ring used cam off of fleabay. And of course new oil and filter. Went thru the motor slow and anal. Double checked everything. Actually got timing dead on the T and the marks on the gear. Checked valve clearences and adjusted. intake @ 0.05mm and exhaust@ .010mm as per Honda manual. So I buttoned eveything up this morning with wiring,cables,carbs and such. Much easier installing carbs with motor loose. Started her up on about the 4th kick. She has not been running for 3 months Well got her going and it sounds like tapping. Checked valves all good.Plenty of oil. Sounds almost like piston slap but never touched the cylinder while apart. I don't want to think I may have to pull the engine out again but if I do, I want to have an idea where to look. Here is the knocking noise http://youtu.be/eVXQW6ls80k What do yall think??
  7. crag antler

    My '83 XL600R just died

    Thanks Bruce. As soon as I find I out I will. Only problem I have is we are packing up to move on the 1st of May, so I am really reluctant to pull her too far apart before the move for fear of losing any parts.:foul:Could happen. Over the weekend I am going to pull the tank and the valve caps and see if I can at least get a better look inside.
  8. crag antler

    My '83 XL600R just died

    Well I Checked last night. When I kick her over no noise thru the pipe, BUT if I kick her over while holding the de-comp lever she does putt putt. Then again while holding the lever and kicking, I can feel what almost seems like a suction at times. Strange. It looks like I am going to have to pull the motor and take a look. Thanks for the advice.
  9. crag antler

    My '83 XL600R just died

    No putt putt sound. Guess I look deeper in tonight. Thanks for the advice.
  10. crag antler

    My '83 XL600R just died

    Damn, I hope your wrong too:bonk: I just put in new piston,rings,gasket and machine work last spring. If it looks too $$ intensive I may have to part her out. Only paid $600 for the bike but have probably put that much into her. One of those tough calls.
  11. crag antler

    My '83 XL600R just died

    So here I am as another whose XL has died. Man, my 1983 XL600R with 12,000 miles,was running so well and just got my new Clarke tank on and enjoying a nice ride home after work. Just got onto the dirt and started to click. About the same as normal, thought maybe because it was hot out,80F. Noise stopped and about 10 feet later the motor stopped. As I was coasting, I would put it into gear to try a rolling start and nothing. When I kick her over, I get slight compression and when it kicks,I can hear what sounds like gears spinning in the lower case. Luckily I only had to push her a mile before I had cell service to call the lil woman. Got her home on the trailer and she is back in the garage. So where do you think the failure occured?? I wondering could it be the cam chain? A lower gear broken?? The cost and PITA to repair??? Thanks as always. Doug
  12. crag antler

    Flying XL600R

    I remember when I graduated high school,1982:excuseme:,these were the bikes to have the next year. Buddy had one in the Air Force and I drooled over the fact. Finally got my "new" 1983 XL600R last year and love the friggin hell out of it. Pull and pull and pull, she just don't stop. Got to say I absolutely love it.
  13. crag antler

    Homemade Dirt bike stuff!

    If I'm carrying them, they go in the backpack. Get too shaken up in the cooler. That and you have to drink faster:worthy:
  14. crag antler

    Homemade Dirt bike stuff!

    Well I needed somewhere to carry tools and small items on my XL600 and didn't want to fork out large $$ so down to wally world for a $6 cooler. Some spare aluminum and wala....... Not the prettiest but holds tools,water,camera,lock and small snacks. Strap on top will carry anything additional:thumbsup:
  15. crag antler

    XR650R kick back...

    I know I was kicked back by my XL600 after foolishly giving her a little gas. Didn't hurt my knee but messed up my ankle. Swollen up to about a grapefruit, for almost a week. Crutches and all. Worse thing it was right before a m/c vacation:moon: Never hit the gas.