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  1. purplecopter

    Husky? 04? 05?

    can't get the bike for a little while yet, it's too long a story to put in here... suffice to say i'm completely tangled up in red tape. as soon as i'm free again i will get the 05, the benefits outweigh the cost as aussiethumper pointed out.
  2. purplecopter

    Husky? 04? 05?

    I'm biting the bullet and getting the TE510, no more fartin around. though i'll search for a better dealer as this one's run out prices are the normal rec. retail prices. I know they're not designed for highway but they seem to be the most able to handle it and the 2 year warranty makes the deal even sweeter. if i come into some money later i'll get a trailer to save his legs... and then maybe a car that will pull it, my current car cost less than my helmet.
  3. purplecopter

    Husky? 04? 05?

    sorry, i can't believe i forgot to mention the model. i was looking at the TE510. the diff in price is AU$1000 which i was going to use to get a tank sprockets and barkbusters and have some change.
  4. purplecopter

    Husky? 04? 05?

    OK, I've decided to buy a Husky... I think. My local dealer has some 04s left for a decent price. Are there any major problems with the 04s that they fixed in the 05 model as it is also a half decent price when compared to the 06? Also I will be riding mostly offroad but with and hour or so on the highway to get there and back, has anyone had any problems in doing this? One more thing, what is the travel in the suspension on the 04 and 05, being a short-arse I need to increase the sag a fair bit and would like to know there is still enough left. Neither the Husky website nor the dealer could tell me. Thanks again
  5. Hi, i've been reading as many threads on the subject as i can but so far there hasn't been a definite answer. What i want is a 450 - 525 trail bike that's light enough to throw around in the bush and have the suspension to handle a few jumps when my ability grows, but will also handle the few hours on the highway required to get to preferred riding spots. Why are cush hubs such an issue with these bikes when they don't use them on most road bikes? Is it because of the lightweight gearboxes on offroads? From the limited info i've received i'm tossing up between a KTM 525EXC and an Husky TE510 as the XRs and DR-Zs are too much of a compromise . Is there any problems with voiding the warranty if using them on the highway as with the CRFs? Any help in making my decision for me will be greatly appreciated.