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  1. ceej

    Pics of drilled out mufller of DR 250

    Any takers?
  2. There are plenty of threads on here referring to standard mods for the 250, and most talk about drilling out the muffler (after opening up the airbox). Has anyone got any pics of how they have done it and the end result. Cheers Ceej
  3. ceej

    DR 250 frame or equivalent

    Hi Guys I Have an imported DR250 1999 which doesnt have the local compliance plate or correct frame numbers for Australia. What I want to do is buy a wrecked frame and transplant my bike into it. Does anyone know if any other models are the same as the DR 250 such as the 350? And what year was the frame made the same (ie were all the frames the same between 1997 - 2003?) Thanks in advance for your help Cheers Ceej