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  1. I am looking for a salvaged or wrecked XR650L. I am having a hard time locating one. How much are they bringing at market?

    XR650r Banjo Bolt

    I purchased a tail light/brake light kit for my bike. It is a Baja Designs unit. I need to purchase the replacement Banjo bolt for the rear brake cylinder that has the wires which will hook to power and brake light. Anyone have an idea as to size. I purchased the the dealer recommended unit based on the Nissin brakes but threads and possibly the length seems off. Do any of you have experience with this?
  3. I see these units for sale normally $75 plus shipping. They are a replacement plug-in from the stock ignition unit. The verbage states better throttle response and up to 5hp gains. Has anyone tried one of these on their XR? Does it work. There is always one or two in ebay at any given time.

    Street Legal in Wisconsin

    Has anyone attempted to make a street legal offroad only bike in Wisconsin? If so what needs to be accomplished in order to get the blessing? I have an XR650R. Can I get by with out a Baja Designs kit and only directionals, brake/tail lights, key switch, mirrors and dot tires? Or do I need to register out of state and re-register in WI. Little help...

    What year/model forks for CR/USD swap for XR?

    Are you saying that CR 450 forks will bolt up to XR?

    Brand new 650R what & when?

    $3800 plus tax

    Header or not to Header

    Do headers and a pipe make more of a difference than just a more free flowing pipe all by it self? Meaning are the stock headers more restricitve than aftermarket?

    Hauler for my family

    Just bought a Cross Roads Cross Force TT. 30' units weighs 6K. 120 Gal fresh and 40 gal black and gray. 3800 lb carry cap. Very nuce unit. All alunimum structure.
  9. I found a new in the crate 2003 XR650R I am buying for cheap at a dealer looking to unload it. What do you guys recommend for break-in prior to mods. Can I uncork immediately? Also the Edlebrok pumpercarb...worth the money. Does it provide more power than a properly jetted unit or just easier starting. If I decide to go to a HRC kit beyond uncorking...should I concork or does that kit provide the parts for both?

    Better play bike TTR125 or CRF100

    I've found 2 used roughly the same price. The TTR is e-start. Which is better for a big 9 year old who learned on a PW 50?
  11. I've found 2 used roughly the same price. The TTR is e-start. Which is better for a big 9 year old who learned on a PW 50?

    Xr650r Acceleration?

    I stand corrected...no battery. I used to be in the business and freight and set-up always loosely meant fluids and battery added and charged. This a 2003 XR650R. Is the pumper carb a worth while mod? There is one on ebay for $350 or so. Does is add significant power midrange wise?

    Xr650r Acceleration?

    Found a 2003 new still at dealer...never set-up yet (fluids & battery). $4150 plus tax. Is this a good deal? What will it cost to uncork. Must I brake-in first?

    Xr650r Acceleration?

    I am strongly considering an Xr650r (prefererably used). That has been uncorked. For those of you who have ridden WR450's and or CRF450X's previously...how does the 650 unrestricted compare? I've spent several years on a WR but looking for a less expensive yet strong pulling bike. I am 6'4" 240 more like 250 with riding gear. So plenty of power on hand is what I prefer. Also I will consider the 680 kit at some point...does this affect reliability? How much stronger does this mod feel? Ever seen USD forks on an XR can it be done? How out dated is the suspension? I'd appreciate the input. I have yet to see a guy who owns an XRR not absolutely delighted with the bike.