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  1. squish72

    350 power issue

    Thanks for the great replies. I'll try and check those and see how it goes. Also going to check the TPS just to see where it's sitting.
  2. squish72

    350 power issue

    I'll start with a little back story, at a desert race the bike sucked a bunch of dirt and lost compression. We tore the engine down and replaced the piston and rings and used the old cylinder as it measued good and looked good after a little honing. Put the bike back to gether and it would hardly idle had to turn the adjuster way up just to keep it runing and had not much power anywhere in the rpm band. So we ordered a kit that had a new cyl and wiseco pison and installed that. The bike was now able to idle fine and sounds great. After a little break in the bike seems to have no power in the upper rpms. Down low it pulls hard and great untill well before the Rev limiter it just flattens out and will still Rev higher but not pull hardly at all. It doesn't pop or sputter it just stops pulling. Sadly most of the 350s usable power is in the range that is now very very soft. If anyone has any ideas on what it may possibly be, please help as we are kinda lost.
  3. squish72

    Midwest Mountain Engineering Levers

    I had them on my 15 350 with a rekluse and loved them. I actually modded my clutch to be a pointer finger only lever (as that's how I like to ride) love how thick they are. Very comfortable levers
  4. squish72

    2012 ktm 350sxf cylinder head

    That's a good question. I do know the 15 to 13s are the same but I never see parts mentioned compatable for 12 to 13/15.
  5. squish72

    The 350XCF choices

    How are the giant wheels on the xc's vs the excels on the sx's? Looking for a 16 xcf myself or waiting for a 17 sxf/xcf.
  6. What wp factory services did you send yours to? There are three authorized places. I sent mine to ride pg and i ride 95% fast desert and absolutely love mine. They are stiffer then my showas(factory connection) on my Suzuki so initial impression was they were dare I say harsh? But in fact I was going to slow. I was trying to ride it like I had to ride my rmz. When I started riding faster the confidence in them kept growing. Highly recommend ride pg
  7. squish72

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    need a code please, will pay it forward thanks
  8. squish72

    15 350xcf added to the collection!

    I dont doubt that, but how much coolant did you put in your rads? The reason I ask is Evans recomended filling just to the top of the cores or fins with their product. I haven't boiled any out since using it but I have made my bike get hotter than I wished it would have and I know it for sure would have puked out prior to the Evans.
  9. squish72

    15 350xcf added to the collection!

    If you run Evans waterless coolant you won't need a high pressure cap as the Evans doesn't pressure up. With a fully hot bike you can open the radiator cap without issues. Been using the stuff for over a year and love it.
  10. squish72

    2015 350 sxf mods

    The number is the voltage reading coming from the tps. You can basicaly tune the amount of fuel air ratio across the whole rpm range with it.
  11. squish72

    2015 350xcf fresh plastic and graphics

    Haha looks good! I like you're thinking
  12. squish72

    Rekluse core exp 3.0

    I've got the core exp 3.0 on my 350 and didn't notice it being any stronger. I now have a Midwest engineering clever lever cut and shaped for one finger use. And I love it!
  13. You can take this with a grain of salt as I don't have the Scotts I have a motosportz damper but most dampers are a personal setting. Since everyone's riding style is different it won't really cross over much. On mine I like it a little on the stiff side overall. Stiffer on faster terrain and softer on tighter slower stuff. So basically I'd say go ride and play with the settings to see what you like
  14. squish72

    Just bought a ktm 350 what gears

    Yeah i was really surprised when i checked the gps. It was on a slight gravel road sure on a paved one it would be higher. Did it 3 times to make sure it wasnt something goofy