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  1. bigredted

    07 Ktm 300 Xc-w Skidplate

    Can you tell me where you bought the larger mask and Baja kit for your bike? Was it an expensive upgrade, doeas anyone sell this item complete or do you have to buy the everything seperate? I've been looking for a good aftermarket light, but haven't found the right setup without spending a small fortune.
  2. bigredted

    Need new headlight

    I have the stock headlight sitting in my shed from my drz400s send me a pm if interested...
  3. bigredted

    Squamish track

    Anything new? It sure would be nice to have a track again...
  4. bigredted

    WR250F V. YZ250F (or "which should I get")

    How do they differ in price? Anyone have any '07 out the door prices for the new wr250f? Canadian or American, I'll import one if it's worth it! Can't wait to see the wr with the alluminum frame!
  5. bigredted

    Importing bikes into Canada?

    A little late in the discussion - Just imported a new KTM into Canada. Paid $206cdn duty at the border and the tax and still saved close to $4000cdn. Believe it. In Washington you pay $35US for a permit to take the Moto out of state and you don't pay any state tax. I had no problem paying the Canadian tax and duty at the border. Costs to be Canadian...
  6. bigredted

    Ktm 300xc-w!!

    Been riding my 300 xcw in wet nasty conditions on the west coast of BC and I love it. It is my first two stroke. I love the light weight and power. It vibrates more than my other dirt bikes but it will pull my 230 lbs up everything I have come across. Suspension is REALLY soft, but I never expect a stock bike to sprung for my weight. Lots of water getting into the airbox, but thanks to lurking on these forums I have found a fix. I have also ridden the 200 and it is also very fun to ride. Check out www.ktmtalk.com for more dialogue. Get either you won't be dissapointed. Happy Trails!
  7. bigredted

    Sites that use USPS

    gnarlyparts.ca all the way. No border hassles, they ship Canada Post and the prices are good. UPS has screwed me to many times with the broker fee. USPS or Gnarly Parts.ca
  8. bigredted

    Anyone go riding in the snow?

  9. bigredted

    Anyone go riding in the snow?

    Had a good snow ride today. Its fun if you keep your ride short and just goof around. You are going to deflect off everything the snow is hiding. When conditions are right it can be a blast! Try it.
  10. bigredted

    Burned By UPS and Fedex Brokerage Fees?

    Yes! UPS has been the worst in my limited experience. Ask before you buy. Shipping can be the "deal" breaker. Most Moto stuff is cheaper to buy in the USA. I don't fully understand why, but I will continue to buy the same products from the states for cheap.
  11. bigredted

    XC vs. XC-W?

    Buy the '06 XC-W save your $1000+ and spend the money on extra goodies! I just did the samething and no regretsabout not getting an 07.
  12. bigredted

    Michelin AC10 experience??

    Go for it. I ran the AC10's last winter in the wettest January in years. They hooked up well. And they last a little longer than other Michelins. Good DOT tire! Where is this deal on them? AC10's are worth a small fortune here in Canada.
  13. bigredted

    trails near vancouver, bc

    Cat lake. North on 99. Past Squamish. Right turn before brohm lake... Get lost for bit. A couple dirt bikers arguing with a couple of mountainbikers publicly is not good for either side. Get along or get lost... haha.
  14. bigredted

    Crack in Left Case

    I HAd a similar crack. Mine was only on the one side though. Jb WELD to the rescue, make sure you leave the bolt in while it sets up. Mine is still holding after three hard winter months of riding. Maybe not the best solution, but it worked for mine.