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  1. Are you serious, hell ya it will! It will overheat the exhaust gasses and cause your valve actuators to overlap, and that sucks trying to pull them back out!
  2. Cool, I'm going to put my Honda case and kick starter on my RCM and tell everyone it's now a Honda!
  3. Hey crwkommander, I have a new Avatar for you, I was playing around with photo shop a while ago a made this. Its all you if you want!
  4. Hey, did your bottom fork clamps turn purple? Mine did, but it was just the bottom, its like the anodizing washed off.
  5. Put the $$ into the XR70 or the SSR bike
  6. Yep, or just cut the baffle off, then cut out the tip reducer with a hole saw. That will sound pretty good, but if you are running stock cc's you might lose a little power on the bottom end if you run any bigger than stock!
  7. I have a 12" rear Do you still have the red 14 and 12 setup?
  8. Get a BBR Tall Seat! Way Softer IMO
  9. Starcross, trust me I ride in WA State
  10. Call Vince there, he will take care of you
  11. This looks like Yakima?? (AKA Yakistan)
  12. My kids and I were there, rain and all! dirty187 is right, not a good show up of supporters!
  13. Dirt Cheap Shelton!
  14. What size? How many spokes?