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  1. sickpuppy

    Is Honda making a 2020 CR500?

    You had me goin there Bryan, you brought me up, just to bring me down, its not nice to hurt the Puppy's feelings, which leaves me no choice but to retaliate. Here, take that Mr Fake news, Im sending you two annoyances and a f-ing retard in retaliation.
  2. Im going to place this technology right beside the wifi toaster that toasts the weather report on your slice of bread, and yes there is one.
  3. sickpuppy

    Run bike with stabilized gas?

    All of my bikes and and yard equipment whether 4 or 2 stroke run on fuel with stabilizer, I like a marine stabilizer such as Sta-bil Marine because of the added properties in the mix, I have 2 bikes and a pile of equipment such as lawn tractor, snowblowers, weed whackers etc and Ive had all of the carbs pulled apart for inspection and I haven't seen any tarnish or crap build up, I know down in the U.S there has been a increase in ethanol usage, up here in Canada it seems it is getting less and less as ethanol plants have been closing, but don't quote me on that, ethanol is your enemy on small engines, many people still think gas is gas, the small engine repair shops are making a killing removing the sludge, and that sludge is living critters in your fuel system, If you cant find ethanol free gas, go to a marina for fuel if its possible, they will have ethanol free fuel.
  4. sickpuppy

    Run bike with stabilized gas?

    Stabil Marine will keep you gas for two years if you give it a double dose on your ratio, but then again it seems we have easier access to ethanol free fuel up north here, Shell, Esso, Ultramar and a few others the premium fuel is ethanol free.
  5. sickpuppy

    I'm not allowed to ride anymore

    Take up venomous snake hunting and collecting, she will put you back on the bike in no time after you bring home the first diamond back.
  6. I created a monster, my wife rides a 07 Husky TE450, I bought a new 06 KTM 525 EXC and gave her my Honda 250X, after a while she complained it didn't have enough power, I thought ok, maybe a KTM 450, this way I can buy many parts in bulk and use them on my bike, not so, she said she liked the way the Husky feels, ok so she got the Husky, then it was about the fashions to go with the bike, I said to myself, what the hell have I gotten myself into.
  7. A-lot of millennials are not getting their drivers licences till later in life, there are many legit issues, but there are also many bad excuses, on top of the wussification of a generation, when your young a drivers licence means freedom, getting a car or bike means freedom anytime you want, I purchased my first car when I was 17, I also held a crappy part time job as I was still in school, but I didn't have to take my date on public transit, it was also funny how I saw the so called hip stoner's waiting for a bus at the bus stop.
  8. No chance, this is my only safe space, beside I now know how to keep here from speaking to me, I just google tub girls in front of her.
  9. Dont get your wife into riding like I did, all Ive done is brought nagging from home to the trails.
  10. I use brake cleaner spray, then blow out with air gun, let dry, it may sound like a bit of a procedure. but its pretty fast, I have the same Scotts ss filters in a 06 KTM and 07 Husky that I purchased shortly after each bike and no problems here, so I have ss filters that are basically 9 and 10 years old, and they are still perfect, if you see ss filters for sale made in China, dont even think about them, run.
  11. sickpuppy

    GPS / HR smart watchs

    Im not going to get into stupid arguments, Ive got better things to do.
  12. sickpuppy

    GPS / HR smart watchs

    You didnt figure out what I was saying in the first place, I understand and know how gps works, the whole point is Im saying a dedicated gps unit is better than a cell phone, can you not figure it out, I dont care about topo maps, it wasn't the point, you still need antennas 101, learn about hf,vhf,uhf, microwave, then get back to me.
  13. sickpuppy

    GPS / HR smart watchs

    Yes, Ive tried it, the Garmin with topo maps was better, especially when in foliage where they both were basically tanking, but it was obvious the garmin was able to get enough signal to plot. dont worry about what some website says, dike bikers are often in areas where little or no cell signals exist, and the little tiny gps antenna which is assisted by cell signals is forced to retrieve signals by itself. its all about the antenna. Antennas 101, try it.
  14. sickpuppy

    GPS / HR smart watchs

    Their antennas are terrible, they struggle with the absence of cell towers.
  15. sickpuppy

    GPS / HR smart watchs

    Forget the cell phone gps and all the crap it can do, get a real dedicated gps unit, your heart rate and dysfunctional erectile problems on your watch is not going to help you when your lost, think about it, if your a serious rider, a good Garmin or equivalent will do more than a phone dependant on cell signals, I understand the hr and other things like word processing a phone can do, serious riding, demands serious equipment.