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  1. 450Xer

    Boken plastic seat posts

    smustang You are welcome, I almost did the same thing myself.
  2. 450Xer

    Boken plastic seat posts

    smustang I belive those plastic post are made to hook unger the metal tabs on the frame, not sit on top of them. Mike
  3. 450Xer

    New Triple trees for a 2007 X

    Desert Red, I have BRP 20-mm on my 05X, when it was stock I believe has the same steering geometry as the 07X. I have had the suspension done and run a scotts setup fairly tight. I really like the way the bike handles now, very percise. I encounter very little wigle when standing at speeds over 50. Mike
  4. 450Xer

    Max coolant temp

    Does any one know the safe maximum coolant temp for the CRF 450X ? I purchased the Acewell 3900 which has coolant temp capabilities. Tried to contact Honda by E-mail but it didn't work.
  5. 450Xer

    Foam Air Filters

    When a foam air filter becomes dirty, will it allow dirt to pass through or just restrict air flow?
  6. 450Xer

    Fuel Filter

    Did you use a plastic or glass fuel filter?
  7. 450Xer

    Fuel Filter

    I haven't seen any threads on using an in-line fuel filter, would this be a good thing or not? I have had my CRF450X for a couple of months now and love the smile factor.