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  1. Mike Zinzow

    rocky glenn Rockford Il.

    We have a crew of people going to R. G. tomorow. If anyone is looking for a report give me a reply.
  2. I am an old fart and its been a while since I have serviced forks. I am putting hevier springs and new oil in my 05 exc 450. The old procedure was to put new oil in without spring pump the cartridge untill I get the air out then set the oil height. Whats a good oil to use?
  3. Mike Zinzow

    enduro eng.springs

    How do enduro eng. fork and shock springs stack up against stock white power springs. They are less than half the price of stock. That makes me wonder about quality.
  4. Mike Zinzow

    4 stroke oil

    I am getting mixed ideas on oils to use. some say 13$ a qt. oil and some say rotella @ $1.95 looking for oopinions on what helps shifting and motor longevity? I change oil about every 4 to 10 hours depending on abuse.