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  1. Thanks for your input guys.I will give it a whirl.I also have a JD jetting kit which i tried before but had no luck with I think I was trying to get rid of the bog with it which was the wrong thing I think.I might give that a try again.I ride at 306meters above sea level at temp of about 25 to 33 degrees any ideas on the JD needle and jet to use if i have a 162 mj in the carby now with standard needle.
  2. If I change my needle on my 2005 Wr250 from a #ERP to an #EQP how drastic would it lean the mixture out or should I rather change clip position first before this move.I was supplied an#EQP needle when I bought the bike new so I do not know for what conditions I am to use it ie: do I use it if I have fitted a non gen muffler and do all the mods the bike shop would do to race the bike.I have done all the mods and fitted a White brothers E2 slip on but feel the bike is running to rich.The carby as now is standard except for fuel pump bowl which has been replaced and a fuel screw fitted.Jetting is standard and I have gone up sizes on the mj and bike runs to rich.
  3. I have received an 08 YZ 250 exhaust cam with the auto de-compression device and pin missing.Are the missing parts easy enough to transfer from my 05 Wr 250 exhaust cam to the 08 YZ 250 cam keeping in mind that I might have to put my original WR exhaust cam back if it runs badly.I don't want to damage my original WR cam by taking bits off of it and not being able to reinstall them .The individual parts are not available separately from Yamaha.
  4. I have received the 08 YZ 250 cams minus the decompression pin and lever on the exhaust cam.Are the parts easy enough to transfer from my 05 Wr 250 exhaust cam to the 08 YZ 250 cam keeping in mind that I might have to put my original WR exhaust cam back if it runs shit,therefore I don't want to wreck it.The individual parts are not available separately from Yamaha.
  5. My new cams are here and I am still confused.Comparing the cam specs of the 05 Wr250 and 08 yz 250 the exhaust cam is the same and the inlet one is different but I am being told to replace the exhaust cam to improve lower end power.Lobe specs are as follows: 05 WR 250 inlet cam height 30.296-30.346mm inlet cam width 22.45-22.55mm exh cam height 30.399-30.499mm exh cam width 22.45-22.55mm 08 YZ250 inlet cam height 30.246-30.346mm inlet cam width 22.45-22.55mm exh cam height 30.399-30.499mm exh cam width 22.45-22.55mm Can someone shed some light before I waste my time swapping cams over for no reason
  6. Blatchy,what you are saying makes sense and if what you are saying is correct thats exactly what I want,more down low.Have you installed 2008 YZ cams in a 2005 WR?If you have should I fit both cams or just the exhaust cam.Is the auto decomp lug the same height on the 2008 YZ cam?What I am asking is if the cams go straight in with no mods to them. Thanks guys dont mean to start any hard feelings on this post,just want to confirm if I do this mod I dont wreck my WR.
  7. Thanks mate, just need exhaust,does that mean exhaust cam or exhaust as in the bikes exhaust.Comparing the 2005 Wr and 2008 YZ the exhaust cam has the same specs.The inlet cam has different specs.
  8. Has anyone fitted 2008 YZ250f camshafts into a 2005 WR250ft,if it is so what has to be done and how does the bike go.
  9. How are you guys measure the correct chain tension?In the manual it says to measure 48mm to 58mm above the chain guide bolt with rear wheel raised.The chain guide bolt fitted here was used to secure the chain guard before I removed it and seems to have a 5mm depth head on it and when I adjust the tension to 48mm the chain feels really loose.Do I measure from the top of the guide maybe?
  10. Thanks mate good to get some Aussie input on Thumpertalk all the Aussie sites seem to have closed down.I will give your suggestion a go and post the settings for others to see if I get the bike right.
  11. I had the bog so i drilled a 40 LJ to 70 and fitted JD needle blue 5 with 185 MJ.The bog has gone but feels sluggish once I get into 4th and 5th gear and accelerate.I came down to a 180MJ felt better but still sluggish.I have an adjustable fuel screw E2 WB pipe installed and ride in the hills about 600 m above sea level.I have removed top air box vent but still have battery installed.Any ideas om what MJ to use in these conditions.
  12. I am running 98 octane with octane booster in my 05 WR250ft and it feels ok untill I reach higher rpm.I suspect the fuel is not being burnt quick enough in the higher rev range.What fuel are my fellow Australians using to get best performance from their WR's?What is the recomended fuel in Australia for this bike?
  13. Thanks mate I never had this flat spot when I had the genuine exhaust fitted.I have fitted a white bros e2 and since then have the flat spot coming off closed throttle quickly.It is much better if I use 98 octain fuel so I should imagine I would have to richen the mixture up to eliminate flat spot ie. lift needle up.any suggestions would help.thanks
  14. Had a search through the forum with no luck on determining what the marking on the main needle in the carby mean.My 05 WR250Ft has a OBER P fitted in the carby but the one supplied with extra bits when I bought the bike has OBEQ P written on the needle.The manual does not give much info on the markings.Could someone throw some light on this matter as I am trying get rid of a flat spot on accelleration.Thanks
  15. woops front sprocket i mean:bonk: