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  1. markflys1

    Fuel dripping from case

    I keep double checking and for sure its fuel.
  2. markflys1

    Fuel dripping from case

    Can anyone help explain what fuel dripping from small hole in center bottom of case on a 1996 cr250 represents . Thanks
  3. I'll almost bet you have a bad set of crank seals. One good method to check them is to remove left side flywheel cover and look for black spooge inside housing. If your bike smokes all the time even after a good warmup that usually indicates the transmission side seal is in need of replacement. I make habit to replace seals at the end of every 2 seasons. Symptoms of bad seals will include: engine will not idle properly and eventually will not idle at all,engine will become very difficult if not impossible to start. And lastly, if ignored, it will eventually cause piston to seize because of overly lean condition caused by excess air leaking by seals. So before you destroy your new top end job make for darned sure you replace those seals. The job is simple as long as you have the right tools. The only specialized tool you'll need is a flywheel puller. Also be sure to check for wear in crankshaft bearings while you're down there by simply trying to move flywheel from side to side.If you detect any slop in bearing it is time for replacement.
  4. markflys1

    TN Riders-Where Do You Ride?

    The only single track we see here in east Tn is at local hare scrambles. And thats only assuming your going to a bike only event.
  5. markflys1

    leaded race fuel

    Go to your nearest airport and get you some 100 LL avgas. You can use it offroad but not on road. I sell almost as much avgas to drag racers and the like as I do to transient aircraft. Drag guys swear by it.
  6. markflys1

    ...ran my first harescramble today!

    Start bicycling. Its outdoor, its low impact,and its the closest thing to simulating a motorcycle. It'll really work that weight off and its loads of fun!!
  7. markflys1

    Feet position on pegs - standing?

    Watch any local motocross or off road race and take note to foot position the pros use.
  8. markflys1

    Cost of a first hare scramble.

    Thats just what happened. When overall dude went by that was it for me.Got checkered on second lap.Which I understand is so that the PM guys have time for they're start. I just wish there was a hare scramble that was divided into 2 days. Novices on saturday ,pros on sunday.
  9. I rode my first hare scramble this month. Man what a rush! But there was one aspect I hadn't planned for very well. The cost. Even after having done a lot of homework well before the race I was surprised by some "added expenses". I went to the race with AMA membership and nothing else. When we got there we first had to pay $5.00 per person, including myself to get in. I went through registration and joined the club $35.00.Bought the transponder $20.00.Signed up for the heavy trail class and paid $10.00 for a highlight marker number on a piece of vinyl.And lastly a sign-up fee of $40.00. Total bill was $110.00 to get in. The race called for 3 laps, each lap approx 11 miles. When I passed through scoring area on second lap I got the checkered flag. What??!! I was hot on someones heels and expecting that third lap. Talk about being deflated. The club talks highly about promoting new racers but offered zero help to the new guy. So make sure you do your homework well prior to the race on the cost because it may surprise you.
  10. I used to ride on balls of feet all of time until I came up short on a jump on trail. Came down hard with a snap!! My toes on my left foot tried to touch my shin. Took 3 weeks to get over one really nasty sprain. I will never again ride standing on the balls of my feet. I attend a lot of GNCC races and very carefully watch the pros. They ride standing on arches, and ride sitting on balls.
  11. markflys1

    Jumps for dummies

    Very well written Dr.z. I sure wish someone would publish a good read on how an off road motorcycle behaves dynamics wise. That way we could better visualize why they do the things they do.
  12. markflys1

    Hare & Hound Training ?

    I found it hard to focus(or meaby its called being bored to death) while doing core exercises indoors. Bought myself a Cannondale road bike,and holy crap, started noticing results within the first 2 weeks.. Start out doing 5 miles,then 10,then 20. No other exercise closer simulates the behavior of a motorcycle. You learn balance, how to stay connected,and lastly you will gain strength . You'll find bicycling will become quite addictive. Your body will start begging you for it. The real indicator will be when you ride with your buddies who don't bicycle.They'll be sitting,you'll be standing.They'll be ready to quit,and you'll be just getting warmed up!!!!! I have honestly tried lots of different kinds of exercises to help my endurance, but only one has truly produced real results, and that is bicycling!!!!
  13. If your gonna make long rides (over 30-40 miles,depending on conditions) you'll be packin' gas on a 2 stroker.
  14. markflys1

    Cycle or Treadmill

    Inside exercise?WHAT!!! Get outside. Start with 5 miles.Then 10.Then 15.Then 20.At least 5 days a week. You don't need expensive bike.Heck I started on Wal-Mart special. You'll find good bicycling quite addicting. You'll find endurance on your dirtbike will increase dramatically over very short order. Inside exercise is complete B.S. You have no real goals.No air circulation.Suck down the clean air,let the sweat run down your socks. What better way to simulate good hard-core motorcycleing......go bicycling.
  15. Had trouble on rides with knees. Could only stand for short times.Spent rest of rides sitting down. Couldn't do technical stuff sitting on butt. I have fallen so in love with riding I thought I must do something about my knee problem or I'll never develop.Started walking 1 mile daily then 3 miles. Still had tired knees after short ride. Started running..... still mad knees. Started bicycling. The results were almost instantly obvious. You don't have to take up mountain biking just good road riding will do it. If your consistent with it it will help you everywhere, knees,back, arm-pump. Anyone who trail rides a mountain cycle knows they handle rough trail like crap. Take all the suspension off your dirt bike and take it for a trail ride. Thats how a mountain cycle handles. You learn that things like standing while riding are so darned important. What better way to simulate in" hard core fashion", off-road motorcycling. Since riding my daily road/trail combo rides on my bicycles I have increased my motorcycle riding endurance 20 fold.