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  1. I purchased a used 2001 DRZ400S and the fuel valve has three settings (Off, On, and Reserve). The owners manual says the settings should be (On, Prime, and Reserve). Do I have a manual fuel valve vs. vacuum operated? Is this why fuel is sometimes flowing into the gas tank if I leave the valve in the "On" position? If I disconect the fuel hose it does not seem to run in the "On" position but it must from time to time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  2. If anyone has their original stock carb and would like to sell please let me know. Please include price. Thanks Jeff
  3. JeffQ

    DRZ Blue Plastic Part III

    Trying to deside how it will look with the yellow clark but most likely will purchase. Jeff
  4. JeffQ

    Choke Question

    I did loose the little carb ball. Will order a replacement. Thanks again for the help. Jeff
  5. JeffQ

    Choke Question

    Probably a dumb question but... Removed and cleaned the stock carberator on a 2001 DRZ400S. I now have it re-assembled but not on the bike yet. However, the choke will not stay in the out position, it retracts as soon as I let go of the choke nob. Did I do something wrong or does it need the vacuum from the bike to work properly? Thanks for your help, Jeff
  6. JeffQ

    Not Steering Straight

    Thanks for the replys. Have the service manual so it was easy following your instructions, finding the torque settings etc. Now runs straight again. Jeff
  7. JeffQ

    Not Steering Straight

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help. Picked up a used 2001 DRZ400S not to long ago. I believe the steering was ok until my son dumped it. It wasn't hard but the steering is now off. The bars have to be turned slightly to the right in order to go straight. It doesn't seem to be the handle bars, they are after market, not sure what kind. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  8. JeffQ

    dumb question - new grips with new bars

    Boil some water, stick the left side in it for a few minutes. It should slide off easily. Jeff
  9. JeffQ

    Can the DRZ400E be plated in Wisconsin?

    Hi Zigman: Good to hear from you again. I know you said you were considering selling the bike since you purchased the KTM. I would be interested if you have decided to let it (the DRZ) go. Bye the way, hope you had a good hunting season. Take Care, Jeff.
  10. JeffQ

    Can the DRZ400E be plated in Wisconsin?

    We have about 4-6 inches as of Sunday night. I have a V-Strom and will be down your way in May staying at a lodge called the Iron Horse. Gives us snowbound yankies something to look forward to. Jeff
  11. JeffQ

    Can the DRZ400E be plated in Wisconsin?

    Thanks for your reply. I'm in Brookfield, just west of Milwaukee. Looks like the S is the way to go. Jeff
  12. JeffQ

    How many V-Strom owners here?

    Have an 05 DL1000 and have done some single track with it. Will not do it again. I guess I'm to old to try to muscle it through the mud. I can however, vouch for the Hepco & Becker crash bars. They were thoroughly tested. Will most likely pick up a 400S for any future mud baths here in Wisconsin. The Strom is a great bike for the road or any hard packed fire lanes, etc. For me, I like the speed thing, the wee wouldn't cut it. Jeff
  13. It seems like after reading the posts here the E would be a better choice than the S for what I want to use it for (90 dirt 10 road). Does anyone have experience with plating an E in Wisconsin? Thanks, Jeff
  14. Hi Everyone, I live in Southern Wisconsin and the closest Husky dealer is MCC in Villa Park, IL. Anyone have any experience with this dealer? Thinking about picking up an 06 TE510. Currently ride a V-Strom 1000. Great bike but sucks off road other than fireroads. Thanks, Jeff
  15. JeffQ

    Are they really that bad?

    Attention all DRZ owners I'm looking for my first dirt bike but need it to be street legal. I'm 48, 6'1'' 230lbs and in half way decent shape. I don't intend on setting any speed records but would like to ride in the dual sport events around here. They are mostly in the woods and down gravel roads. I've been reading the posts here and it seems the DRZs get rated poorly in this site. The Huskys, Yamahas,and KTM's seem to take top gun. I have read enough to realize the 06 Huskys are street legal but the Yamahas and KTM's need to be converted. What I like about the DRZs is that it seems I can pick up a fairly decent used bike for 3K or so. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank You in advance, Jeff