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  1. TaterMX

    help with the next bike to get

    I think he meant he use to race his 125 in the Vet Class vs. all the 250's and 450's. Sounds like it would be an awesome feeling whipping all those big boys asses with a 125. You ever thought of the new 250F's? They're nothing to sneeze at either. There's alot of stuff you can do to it to make faster, like big bore kits. But I suppose you could do that to the 450's also. Just a thought.
  2. I've done that a couple times myself. What worked for me was I went to Sears and bought one of those "easy out" drill bits (not sure of the exact name but the Sears people will know what you're talking about). Basically it's a bit that digs into the broken bolt and reverses it back out. You'll have to drill a tiny hole in the broken bolt first to make sure the bit gets a good bite on it. Works great though.
  3. TaterMX

    ASV C5 clutch perch

    LMFAO! So true!
  4. TaterMX

    Which oil?

    I usually use 10w40 during the colder months. And 20w50 during the summer months.
  5. 1. Bubba 2. Reed 3. GOAT 4. Byrne 5. KW RC finally gets hurt in SX and is out for a coule races.
  6. TaterMX

    best oil brand

    I use Royal Purple products. Awesome products. I also use them in my cars.
  7. I watched a GNCC race on OLN recently and noticed that the majority of the pro's are racing a 2-stroke. I would have thought that a thumper would be better suited for the woods. I don't know why I thought this, just seemed like a good fit with the torque they have. Why is this? Is it because they're easier to start if you happen to stall the bike in a very technical section or even off the starting line? Maybe it's because you can bore out a smoker to get better torque. But then again you can bore out a thumper also. I'm just wondering...
  8. TaterMX

    Exhaust for the 06 RMZ450

    Means they gave him one hell of a contract! Plus PC is a major sponsor for Suzuki. Don't get me wrong, PC has one hell of a pipe but he's fast as hell with anything. For awhile he was using White Brothers (Honda)... he kicked ass on that one also.
  9. TaterMX

    Riding Supplements?

    How many of you use supplements when you ride or race? I use CardioStack and PumpX. I'm not sure what else is available out there? What about energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull?
  10. Depends on what class you ride in. Each class has a time adjustment. I'm not sure on the amount adjusted but it does affect the overall only, not your specific class you are in. I know this isn't a very good explanation, but it's the best I could do.
  11. TaterMX

    Solo GNCC

    GNCC's are a great event. I don't recommend going solo just incase you do get hurt somehow. Morning races are 2 hours. So if you can ride your bike for MORE THAN 2 hours at a time then you have no problem. Main problem that I've found is keeping fresh goggles and gloves. Things can get pretty hary with wet gloves and goggles that don't have anymore roll offs. Listen to WHtrino. Go to some local events and meet people. You'll be surprised how many people you can talk into going to a National with you.
  12. TaterMX

    Thinking of coming back...

    Great info guys! You're getting me psyched big time now! Definetely going to look into GS's videos. That should hold me over for the winter.
  13. TaterMX

    Thinking of coming back...

    Thanks! This is an amazing board for information. I'm 6'1", about 225 w/ all my gear on.
  14. Hi all. I've been contemplating buying a MX bike for awhile now and start racing again. I use to race when I was a kid, about 25 years ago, and just remember all the good times my Dad and I had. I have a TRX 450R quad and been riding with my friends in Maryland. Sometimes we race in local harescrambles and GNCC races when they came to our area. I won't lie, I've been having a blast on the quad. But we went to a local beginner track and a buddy brought his YZF 250. We switched rides for about an hour. Let me just say that I got the fever back for a MX bike! I had so much fun riding it around. So much that when I move to Ohio, soon, I'm thinking of selling the quad and buying a bike for next season. 1) What bike do you guys recommend for a 35 year old? Are they all the some now days? I'm looking for something that is forgiving, turns well and has a smooth power delivery. 2) What mods do you guys recommend for a beginner racer? Suspension work? Exhaust? Tires? Seat covers? etc... 3) Are instructional videos worth buying to get tips on technique? Although I would think that seat time is the best tip. 4) Any other info for a beginner old timer? Also does anyone use the Rekluse Clutch? Was wondering how it would work on an MX application. Works wonders on my quad. You can slam on the back brakes without using the clutch and it doesn't kill the engine. Seems like it would be great for entering corners and controlling the front end off of jumps (if I forget to clutch it). What about Fasst Flexx bars? Those things are a godsend for my wrists on the quad. They help so much with arm pump also. Amazing bars! Just wondering if they would be a good choice on a MX bike. Seen them used a bunch on GNCC bikes. Sorry for all the questions. It's just that I'm so pumped about riding a bike again I can taste it. Hell my wife is even all for it! If you can believe that!