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    cool thanks for the info, when kicking it over it almost felt like how a broken sprocket or gear would feel, just didnt feel right to me. but thats a relief to know
  2. ILWUrider


    thanks for the response, we dumped the old gas but i think they ran it with old gas just kept dying but new gas now. i dont think he has ever changed the plug i pulled it and it doesnt look that bad but if i had a weak spark that could potentially cause running problems too right?
  3. ILWUrider


    hopfully someone can help im helping out a friend with his 2004 cr250f. its actually his wifes bike and doesnt get ridden much. the problem is that he recently went riding with the family and the bike wouldnt idle he had to really crank up on the idle screw. he also told me that he'd have to stay on the throttle and it would die when he let off. we pulled the carb,i didnt really think it was that dirty, cleaned it all out and put it back on. we tried to start it with the chock on first but didnt start. put the chock in and it fired. let it run for a sec then tied backing off the idle screw and it died. tried this several times but cant get it right. now this is where the knocking comes in. while i tried to start it i noticed tha there was a knocking comming from what sounded under the valve cover. pulled the valve cover and seen that the knocking was caused by the autodecomprssor passing the rocker arm, i have a different design on my bike so had nothing to refer to. sounded abnormal to me so decided to stop and see what i can find out. any advice on either problem. thanks
  4. ILWUrider

    tire set ups

    quick question i ride a lot of mx sometimes hard packed tracks and sometimes nice tacky dirt, any suggestions on what tires to run on front/back. im running a dunlop 756 on both right now. thanks
  5. ILWUrider

    Arm Pump

    Its So Frustrating Because My Body Feels Like I Can Ride For Days But I Get So Freak'n Arm Pumped That I Have To Stop After A Few Laps. Anyone Else Have This Problem? Anyone Have Any Suggestions?exercises Etc. Etc......