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  1. Good suggestion, I didn't think about that but I forgot to mention that I do off-roading and the places we ride there is no cell-phone service most of the time and if there is, is very unreliable.
  2. Just get daily contact lenses, that's what I did and it works very good.
  3. I was wondering what is the best handsfree two-way radio nowadays, it would be nice if it has cell phone capabilities. I want a system that I can mount the speakers and the mic inside the helmet and a button to talk in the handlebar or something like that. Thanks in advance and happy riding!
  4. Great article, I work on this mod over the weekend, it took me about 30 minutes to do the whole thing. Now the bike seems to have some extra power and it got a little louder but not as loud as my stock pipe in my 2004 YZ250F. A must do mod, thanks for sharing