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  1. owensdrylake

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    We will. MammothMC
  2. owensdrylake

    mammoth lakes

    That is correct, don't know why you consult riders planet though - their info is mostly concerning Big Springs campground.
  3. owensdrylake

    mammoth lakes

    Stop by the visitor's center for a map. The sneakers site is ok, if you want more Mammoth riding info see www.mammothmc.com Most of the trails in Bill's ride report are gone, sadly. Although the USFS claims publicly that they want to create a singletrack network in Mammoth their actions speak louder. All true singletrack has been closed, all they could find that is.
  4. owensdrylake

    Ridgecrest restaurants! Any good ones?

    After several days in hell, most Ridgecrest restaurants are succulent. Top three in no order: Miso Sushi - $27 all you can eat La Fiesta - $7.50 lunch buffet China Lake Buffet, oh yeah, I tried to get my brother to stop there midway during one of the LAB2Vegas runs but he didn't want to.
  5. owensdrylake

    Why don't more towns embrace ohv like mammoth does

    Glad to hear it, actually. Any specific details though on who or what promoted the OHV component of our town? Just curious because we like to recognize the locals with some thanks/cerveza.
  6. owensdrylake

    Mammoth Lakes: USFS illegally detains dirtbiker

    No one should cancel a trip to Mammoth because of a handle-bar grabber. Experience it for yourselves , besides, we appreciate the support to the Town's cash flow. On most of our rides you'll be fortunate enough to see another person at all. But riding near town...
  7. owensdrylake

    Mammoth Lakes: USFS illegally detains dirtbiker

    Well, not entirely accurate. The MVUM is only for forest lands, we have a lot more than that up here, BLM, LADWP, private, State lands (like this incident that took place on a state highway - we have plenty of LEO's here thank you, CHP, Sheriff, and local police. A non-sworn USFS employee has no business taking the law into her own hands. A 25 ft singletrack in the state right of way isn't going to make the MVUM, but if Caltrans wants it closed then that's up to them. Aha, there are a couple, but each route requires some creativity and skirting town. There are a couple mc only bridges that other green sticker vehicles can't do. And there are some very small pavement sections as well and a section of county dirt road that is labeled street legal only. As a side note I'm seeing all sorts of bikes and machines on pavement almost every day in town. All of these folks are at their own risk and should be using a trailer. But I know it's tough to trailer 3/4 mile versus just taking the chance to scoot through unnoticed. It would be great to see a couple green sticker routes through town similar to CA City. First things first though.
  8. owensdrylake

    Need mammoth trail info

    We have a few gps loops on our site: http://www.mammothmc.com/GPS-Downloads And I'd say 90% are free to the public to download - keeping a few under wraps. In the first week of August there will be a large dual-sport group camping out at browns, plenty of riding from there as well. The new CTUC map is good, our club had a little say in it, we had hoped for more. Following the map is another story as most routes aren't marked on the ground. http://www.mammothmc.com/maps/ctuc-content
  9. owensdrylake


    Possible fresh on the slopes this weekend.
  10. owensdrylake

    Going Riding - Death Valley 1K!

    Good luck! A lot of wide open roads out there.
  11. owensdrylake

    Radiation concerns

    radiation minds decay
  12. owensdrylake

    Mammoth Mx

    The track used to be open and free, heck, it is public land. Many operators have tried to get it going again but no luck. The USFS receives constant pressure on the track, eventually something may happen. I'm not sure what the deal is and maybe no one is 100% sure, environmental, liability issues, power-play? I think it would be easier to open this track than trying to build another, it is already there and adjacent to a full service town.
  13. owensdrylake

    Jawbone Canyon

    http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/info/iac/Northern_Map.html When only the best will do. Free shipping last time I ordered, and the Jawbone station sells them too. The Tehachapi map is a good start.
  14. owensdrylake

    Searles to Trona

    All your concerns can be mitigated by thoughtful green sticker operators. I'm not saying it's legal, but they are there in multitude. Sorry to hear about that dad, hope the rest of the family pulls through alright.
  15. owensdrylake

    NORRA Mexican 1000

    Ironman sprocket... outback, as in Australia? Hell no!