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  1. WHY???
  2. you dont care because a yamaha wasnt winning. j/k.
  3. im tired of this NASCRAP bullsh*t. they said it would air in its entirety at 10pm eastern. why didn't they just wait for their scheduled airtime. suns-o-b*tches!!!
  4. doh, let me try that again. stoooopid! 04 crf 250r dvs
  5. how's this. the bike is hella dirty, get the picture. crf250r dvs shoe company
  6. not cleanable. might as well buy a scotts now, you'll get to the pay off point quicker.
  7. I use both sides.
  8. i want to see a picture of it ON the bike.
  9. did you pull on the cap so it would vent?