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  1. Bailey22Aust

    bar riser question drz 05 400e

    thanks guys
  2. Bailey22Aust

    bar riser question drz 05 400e

    hey tt members i want to put bar risers on my drz not sure what size i need, im 6'3, and will there be a problem with the brake,clutch cable and electrical wiring being to short after putting on the risers.
  3. Bailey22Aust

    drz400e free mods?

    hi tt members i have recently purchased a new 05 drz400e aussie model and to me it seems to lack serious power up high, it feels like it should keep whinding out but just starts choking and begs for the next gear.i now have no cash for wild ad ons,is there anything i can do to this stock bike thats free and easy,as the manual you get with the bike basically tells you where the horn and the wheels are, so reading Burneds carb set ups is a head twister cause i need pictures to see what a carb looks like before i try and find a needle and adjust it it has a fcr 39 single carb, i heard something about drilling holes on the air box, i dont know advice would be great. The beginner
  4. Bailey22Aust


    hi there, i have a 05 drz 400 completly stock when im reving though 1 2 3 it doesnt rev as hard as i think it should, it gets to that point then starts coughing and choking it only has 1300 kms on the clock with a easy life so far, the air filter is clean and has had its first service last week, any advice would be great
  5. Bailey22Aust

    suspension help needed

    thanks kent your a champion, explained the set up beautifully, off to do it now thanks bailey
  6. Bailey22Aust

    suspension help needed

    i have just started riding and own a 05 drz400e i ride to work everyday on it and do the weekend wood and bush treks, to me it feels really soft,it has clicker adjustment which i have know idea how to set,if someone could give me a setup that would be great, im 6,3 85kg or 187pound to you guys