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  1. I am fairly new to the 50's. Every time I start the bike, whether I run it for an hour or 30 seconds I end up having a few good size drops of oil out of the bottom of the Carb. The black drain tube always has a little in it...but a little also drips out from the bottom of the carb itself. Why would there be oil in there? Could it be that there is some back pressure that is sucking it in? Any clues would be helpful.
  2. Figured it out! The decrompression spring was bound up because the nut was too tight I think...I don't even remember messing with it..oh well. Don't think the neighbors like me but I was able to start it 6 times in a row on the first kick! Thanks for all the input. And don't let your nuts get too tight!
  3. "Wierd as shit" could not be more correct of my last month of problems with this bike. I am going to go pull the head cover off in a few minutes when the kids in bed...hopefully its the decompressor...but I have the service manual and am going to go over with a fine tooth comb...and then have someone with a fresh opinion on the whole thing look at it too. As far as SURE I put the rings in right...I would bet my bike on it...but you always second guess yourself when there is a problem! And I have made plenty of stupid mistakes! I will let you know what I find. Thanks for the help...and keep it coming
  4. Its a Wiseco High Compression Piston. It iss always possible it could be a ring problem. But I havent pulled the head off or messed with it since the first time it did not work. All I did was remove cam..make sure it was realigned and then reinstall. Yes oil is getting to the cam As an after thought I noticed that the auto decrompression lever was sticking up when I pulled cam off. Thought little of it...but when I flicked it back down it had no tension... Maybe the spring is broken and it only allows it to be started the one time...? My cam chain tensioner seems to be working...I removed when doing my timing line-up. I am leaning toward decrompression...which would allow it to run fine....?
  5. Alright...I just checked my timing..pulled the cam all the way out..found TDC and got it all lined up. I went out and it kicked over second stroke and purred like a horny cheetah. I rode for 5 minutes then killed it. Waited about 2 minutes and tried to kick and it was stiff as a rock again! Think maybe a decrompression problem? If so does anyone know anything about that?
  6. Think it would be timing even though it started the first time and ran ok?
  7. I am stumped...need some help tonight. Just redid topend. Have done it a couple of times. New Piston..its facing correct direction! New valves and I shimmed. I kicked it over easily 4 days ago to test it out and it ran fine, I killed it after a couple minutes of Idle cuz it was 11pm. Tonight went to check oil so I tried to kick and its too stiff to kick. I can stand up on the thing. Only thing I can make it do is backfire! I need some help guys.

    Vortex Throttle...can't get freeplay at all...?

    Yeah I had the tank off last night so it must be something inside. Going to pull the subframe off tonight I guess and see what I did. Seems like the things I try to be the most careful with I end up screwing up the worst. ha ha Thats life huh......Thanks for the input guys...might be back tonight asking some more when I get it apart.

    Vortex Throttle...can't get freeplay at all...?

    As far as I can tell it is in right...the throttle works and it was working fine before changing the jetting. I will pull it apart and make sure...but it seems that there is only one way to get the case over the throttle tube... Think something down in the carb side could be bound up?
  10. Have a CRF250R 2004. Just redid my top end and on putting everything back together I am not able to adjust my throttle far enough to have any freeplay. I did rejet with a JD jet kit...but put everything back just like it was. I even took pics before taking it apart to make sure that it was right. Both ends of cable nut are all the way to the cable...? Any ideas or help would be great. I just wanna ride!
  11. TT has definately helped me out a couple of times...wish it would have before blowing $700...I got a couple of pictures of the piston and head...I will post them when I get back to Vegas so you can all share in my misery. Just rode my brother-in-laws KTM 450 all weekend...So smooth! Like driving a Cadillac with a helmet on!
  12. No it is my head thats looking a little dented, along with my piston and valves...not sure yet how bad cuz I was too pissed off to spend much time looking at how bad I screwed up. Crazyced...It was my fault but if you are using the Honda manual and see nothing telling you otherwise you would do what I did...If it wasn't for this forum I wouldn't doubt it could happen again. The Wiseco instructions tell you which way it should face under the section for 2 stroke motors so I never read that part. oh well Just hope my head isn't jacked up...otherwise I am going to be riding nothin but the couch and the wife for a while.
  13. I am definately going to call and talk to someone over at Wiseco and see what I can get...but either way my head is all dented up too and need new valves...so if anyone wants a sick looking bike that doesnt run...make me an offer. I will try the brake CLEANER or what not sometime this week.
  14. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Piston was in the wrong way and is now completely f*****d! Its my fault but I sure wish they would make that point a little more obvious in the instructions, they want you to read thru a paragraph about 2 cycle motors before they tell you what not to do on the piston they sold you. Sucks to feel like an a$$...but it happens. Valves definately ate my piston up. I can see the marks on it from them. Still not sure if they are bad or not cuz I don't have any brake fluid...or patience. If valves are bad can I just replace the valves?....or do I need to have new seets cut and all that stuff too? Thanks again guys
  15. Just got home from work...took a look at my manual and the direction that the piston should be facing as far as the manual is concerned is what I did. I remember putting it in specifically with the book sitting on my lap so I would do it right! ...So I checked the instructions in the Wiseco box (I keep everything) and there are no instructions that say it should be installed different than the manual. All they talk about is cylinder honing and ring position. I am going to tear it down hopefully tonight...so we will see here soon what happened. Again thanks for all of the info...keep it coming