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  1. kipfer michel

    Post pics of your CR's

    So, here we Go.
  2. kipfer michel

    Post pics of your CR's

    This one is mi new Baby! .
  3. kipfer michel

    Non-sythetic VS Synthetic

    (dude motoxrider121 posted it. Hes the idiot with the still running 05 kxf. Oh wait thats me. Kinda weird to call myself an idiot but what the heck. I did call you dumb, hehe. By the way read your manual. The say change you piston at 15 hours and valves at like 60. Dont you kinda think its weird the go overboard on everything but get underboard on oil. Think about it.) Dear motoxrider121 It is a difference betwin this: wen you break your colarbone (expl. shift lever), it is not such a big deal for your helth as wenn your blood has leucemy ( old/bad oil )! let my tell you this: Syntetic oil is perfect for an engine, but some oils COULD produce some issues with the clutches of some bikes. Kind of too meny slippey aditives. So,as long as you have no problems with your Engine, go on with your chosen brand, but change it a lot! Michel
  4. kipfer michel

    kf250f oil

    hi. i worket 3 years as sales manager at motorex in switzerland, and my experienses ar this. the brand you use is not the importent factor, but how much you change your oil. you can't use the most expensive on and then changing it only after 30 houers, your engine will be blown that way. A good 10w/40 semi syntetic works verry good. especialy the clutch works better with semi synt. i use castrol now, and it works verry good, but i change mi oilfilter and oil at least every 5 houer. its kind of engine live insurance that way. michel
  5. kipfer michel

    CRF 450r Tank for 05 X

    Is it possible tol put an 05 R Tank to an 05 X? If so, how? By the way, wich aftermarket Plastic Kit's will fit the 05 450 X? Thanks an greeatings from Switzerland
  6. kipfer michel

    Any riding in Germany?

    Hi jesse. i am not from germany but from switzerland, but let tell you that you will in deed find 100s of tracks! The BENELUX stats,france switzerland and especialy italie ar relative fast to rech, and germany too has a big number of tracks. Buy the MOTO X mag on the first newspaper stand in germany, and you can contact them for help ( they have a litle track - guide mag). Or contact www.ortema.de they can help you to. if you look for the verry best track, go to ASTI / ITALIE, its a real rollercoaster, shapet, watered, an offroad paradise. i hope i culd help you a litle bit, and please forgive me for my errors in english! if you need a guide, just contact me! michel