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  1. stefanwaltersdr650

    FCR 39 Question...........

    Great info , Cheers. :lol:
  2. stefanwaltersdr650

    FCR 39 Question...........

    Do these things just bolt on or are there other bits to buy ?
  3. stefanwaltersdr650

    FCR 39 Question...........

    Thanks guys Damm it ! Normally when somethings too good to be true , it aint ! Thought i'd found a bargin................
  4. stefanwaltersdr650

    FCR 39 Question...........

    Can anybody tell me if the carb in the link below is the one to buy for a 2008 DRZ400sm ? Anything else needed to go with it ? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200353375458&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT
  5. stefanwaltersdr650

    DRZ 400 SM has been discontinued

    I bought one of the last drz400-sm's 2 weeks ago in Blue , only colour available , you will be lucky to get one now especially at £3499,Dealer in Abingdon across the road from me had one in his showroom last week , but it was listed at over 4K.He'll probably do you a deal though.
  6. stefanwaltersdr650

    Have you seen this Sm video?!

    Coooooooooool ! Sanfransisco ?
  7. stefanwaltersdr650

    Tec-Insert ?

    Can somebody please tell me what a Tec Insert is ? Does my DRZ400-SM K7 have one ? Do i need it ? What difference will it make if i remove it ? / Mod it ? Sorry if this has been covered a thousand times before but i've tried the search function with little success:banghead:
  8. stefanwaltersdr650

    Road Gearing......? DRZ400-SM K7

    Is 16/41 gonna be roughly the same as 15/39 ?
  9. stefanwaltersdr650

    Road Gearing......? DRZ400-SM K7

    Just ordered a 16 tooth for the front , should be the roughly the same as dropping two on the rear ?
  10. stefanwaltersdr650

    Road Gearing......? DRZ400-SM K7

    Anybody have any ideas on Gearing for road use only ? I would like more top-end speed , but would still like to enjoy the odd wheelie or two ? Sorry if this has been covered a thousand times before but i've tried the search function with little success:banghead: Would like to retain the standard chain length.
  11. stefanwaltersdr650

    How much did you pay for your DRZ 400 SM?

    £3499 OTR In the UK
  12. stefanwaltersdr650

    DRZ400SM First Ride...........

    That bike looks AWESOME !
  13. stefanwaltersdr650

    DRZ400SM First Ride...........

    I'm in Abingdon too ! Thought i had the only DR in this town ! (well actually i've got two !)
  14. stefanwaltersdr650

    DRZ400SM First Ride...........

    Aftermarket parts ? whatever do you mean ? What should i buy ?
  15. stefanwaltersdr650

    DRZ400SM First Ride...........

    Just took delivery of a new DRZ400SM K7 this evening and put my first 30 miles on it. One word - Awesome ! What a bike ! Goes like stink , handles like a dream , Brakes are Sh#t Hot ! , Only complaint is that it's too bloody cold outside for a decent ride ! Can't wait till tomorrow..........................