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  1. dreadnought

    CR 250 Wheels question

    Hi I have a 2001 CR 250 and what a spare rear wheel for racing, already have a 18 rear but need either another 18 or an 19 inch wheel. However i'm stuggling finding one. 1. Will a younger/older cr250 rear wheel fit with the same axle? 2, Are there any other models or makes that have the same rear wheel that can be bolted staright in on the same axle and same size brake disc? Cheers
  2. Just wondered if anybody else has had the following problem. I have an 03 S model. Masses of noise came from the head and failed to start but would turn over. Check auto cam adjuster and this was all the way out with the cam chain slack as a whores knickers. Assumed just cam chain problem so purchased new cam chain however when i removed the exhaust cam there was a steel pin in the corner of the head which i can only assume has detached itself from the auto decompression on the cam. Damage is quite bad. Exhaust cam lob on right side is burred on both edges with the shim bucket slightly burred. Biggest damage is the head as it seems this pin has smashed into the front of the inside of the head and bent the head out of shape. Not check valves yet and piston yet. Just wondered if anybody else has had this pin detatch its self before and what would cause it to come out. before you ask it did have oil in the engine and i had just completed an event which i managed to finish. Hopefully you gents could shed some light on the situation. Sorry cannot post pics as not got a clue. cheers PS Anybody in the UK got a head and exhaust cam for a DRZ-S:banghead: in good nick going cheap LOL
  3. dreadnought

    wr200 manual

    hi does anybody know where i can buy or download a service manual (in the UK) for a 93 wr200 yam? Cheers
  4. Has anybody used BF Goodridge Crossengo tyres in a hare and hounds or enduro? What are they like in the various conditions. They will be fitted to a DRZ400 Cheers for any help.
  5. dreadnought

    Have you competed or raced on a DRZ400S?

    Cheers lads I have the rim locks and every thing metioned, I have already competed in a road trial, just found the centre of gravity very high. I have been training on it for 7 months as i was a road rider before and had never ridden off road. The suspension is not to bad if you wind it all the way up but does get tiring through really woody and rutted section though. I just wondered if it was a plausable idea to race it, I know the bike and i are not going to be competative i just wish to enjoy it and complete a race without looking an arse? Looks like i will just have to go and try it:ride: Cheers for the advice
  6. I have 03 'S' model which I've set up for Off road riding however i'm looking at competing in Hare N Hounds events (novice) and wondered if anybody has raced there's????? I know its to heavy and has a high centre of gravity but i'm looking at the reliability issue and it starts first time and with a gearing change is more than powerfull. I just interested if anybody else has competed on the S Model? Also is there any other way to lower the weight? I've removed anything that isn't need apart from lights. I know its daft to compete on a converted road bike but come monday i need to go to work on it as well and i will only be competing now and again. cheers for any help you can give me.
  7. dreadnought

    uk riders question for parts

    Hi Just wondered if anybody knows where i can get a right side radiator scoop from in the UK. After a blue one however not to bothered if white or black. Been looking and cannot find one. Tried Ebay (no luck). Any suggestions, not to sure how expensive a Suzuki one is. Will be gratefull for your advice. Cheers
  8. dreadnought

    putting sm wheels on a s model?

    Hi Will the standard wheels of a SM model fit straight onto a S model or is the axles bolts different sizes and the spaces or is it just a straight bolt in and away you go?
  9. dreadnought

    carb vent mod to prevent cutting out in water

    I have No idea what a PVS system is? it plays up when splashing through puddles to full on 3 foot deep. I think i might get a 2nd hand cut of switch and butcher it rather than cut the wires or bridge the original one. What is a PVS system?
  10. dreadnought

    carb vent mod to prevent cutting out in water

    Thanks for the info. However i still have to find out why it cuts in and out in water. It doesn't seem to be the side stand banging around as that is quite sterdy. anybody got any other ideas?
  11. dreadnought

    carb vent mod to prevent cutting out in water

    drz400s 2003 all standard sk3 hope that helps
  12. Hi Has anybody got or could somebody send me a photo of the vent mod were a hose comes up over the side of the airbox. The only vent hoses i can see on the carb is the one on the left hand side of carb which is about 6 inchs long and the hose from the drain port on the base of the carb. I cannot see any t piece or extra hoses hanging down. The only other hose hanging down is the overflow for the coolant box. I had a good look but have no idea what you are talking about. Will be very gratefull for you help again.
  13. This is for UK riders about wheels. I'm after another set of wheels for my 2003 DRZ400S. I would prefer the standard sized wheels however might go for moto wheels if i have to. These will only be a second set so i not after paying 500 quid for a set. Does anybody have or do they know of where a set of wheels are for sale. I have tried breakers and Ebay has anybody have any more ideas? I will be Gratefull for your help.
  14. dreadnought

    uk riders-areas

    Hi ya Me and my mate (XR250) ride round deepest cornwall right near the bottom my bird.
  15. dreadnought

    cutting out in water

    hi guys I haven't done any Mods to the bike that are regarding the engine or carbs, It is standard in that respect and i do not wish to stick dynojets and cut holes in airboxs as i have done all this before. I just want a standard running bike however i will have to look into the vent hoses and if the sparkplug drain is on the side of engine yes that is clear. cheers for your help.