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    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    It's really arctic but dry cold here during winter . If you uses regular 20w50 oil in mid Jan you'll break your leg trying to kick start the bike .

    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    This is one of the best videos of clutch changing tutorials http://youtu.be/Eqg4OqRmHOs

    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    In regard to using synthetic oil, i assure you that i'm using it all the fall & winter seasons for years without any problem . I'm doing so to make it easier to fire it up .. The cold dry winter makes it almost impossible to start the bike at weekends. as long as your temps ranging from 70-80F the 20w50 is your best choice i agree . As for the opening the clutch cover, me too i didn't opened it before , if you go back and check i have also a thread seeking best advises, and sorry to say that no one post any thing there . I watched some youtube's vids about replacing the clutch plates , no one indicated to replace the cover gasket .

    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    Hi it's ok to have different opinions here . the climate here won't help you that much specially during mid winter . at around zero Celsius it's impossible to crank up your four stocker bike without using fully synthetic oil. vise versa during the summer when the temp is around 44C , your engine oil will loose it's viscosity so quick that you'll wish that you never thought about riding it before sunset that day. i'm using local 20W50 heavy oil during summer, and 10w40 castrol synthetic magnatic or US made equivalent oil from start of the fall to the end of the winter.

    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    if your clutch is the stock one, it's ok to use any oil you prefer. some after market EBC cluch plates doesn't works well with fully synthetic oil to be frankly. i'd been using my 2006 DRZ125 for years without this issue . replacing oil from 20w50 in the late summer down to fully synthetic oil in the winter all works fine. it's possible that your clutch plates been replaced to after market ones, so the guy advised you not to use fully synthetic oil is probably right specially if it's the stn grade clutch from EBC. check dennis kirk website and see the compatible clutch sets and you'll notice that the standard base class is not be run with syntactic oil . https://www.denniskirk.com/ebc/standard-ck-clutch-kit-ck3318.p381864.prd/381864.sku

    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    Clutch springs tightening requires certain torque recommended by the factory. Special torque wrench needed for armatures because pro tech just tightened it without using that tool.

    Trouble Changing Gears On 2003 DR-Z 125

    It looks that you did a great job so far . imo, gears shifting issues varies and could involved many reasons resulting in bad performance . Here's my humble thoughts : First check the clutch cable play. Second , if the weather you're running your bike at is cooler ( 25C and below ) better to use fully synthetic oil . If the weather is warmer , go for w30-10 or higher .. This could help gearing shift . If all not working better , it's possible that you tightened something too tight .. Have you tightened the clutch spring yourself ? Tightened these hard may result in poor gears shifting . Hope this helps .

    Oil Change Frequency and Chain Adjustment

    Hi as for oil changing period , as long as the oil level showing from the glass eye is not decreasing after 2-4 hrs of riding ( the oil doesn't burn ) it's ok to change it every 5 hours.. That's my procedure. I'm using it here during fall & winter , during fall the temp outside reach 34C and it's ok keep the oil up to 6 hours of usage before changing it . Chain adj. : I took this picture with my mobile phone to make it easier for you to get the proper adj.


    It's possible that there's some air leak somewhere.. As long as you can kick start it with a little resistance it's possible that there's some leak OR you need to replace the pistons rings . It appears that rust managed to over come the entire engine . Get a new piston kit from online . You're lucky being in the states , many online shops offers huge variety of parts with free ground shipping . I'm buying my parts overseas with 3 digit $$$ shipping charges only .

    DRZ-125 clutch replacement advises

    These are the clutch kit i ordered .


    Check mxsuperstore at ebay. You'll not find lower price with high quality and custom number & name printed.


    If you meant the exhaust not the pipe , any new stock models exhaust that comes straight from from the cylinder head is good . 2013 and above i guess is good . If you need a pipe it's an open after market performance models out there . Mostly high priced but only give different sounds , that's all.
  13. i started waking up my old 2006 drz125 from long sleep .. I decide to replace the clutch, along with springs , front, rear brakes , new tires also . When i inspect my bike i noticed a very small leak of oil just at the bottom of one of the front forks black boots . I went on the net and ordered 2 boots and the " all balls seal kit " . Did i made the right decision buy buying this to fix the issue ?

    DRZ-125 clutch replacement advises

    And yes, does the above EBC CKF friction plates requires overnight soaking in oil ?
  15. Hi I think that my drz125 needs a new clutch friction disks & springs so i placed an order and it's on the way to come .. Never changed these plates before , do guys have tips or advises before i proceed in job ? The plates i bought is EBC CKF kit & the springs is Vesrah heavy duty springs . Any thoughts appreciated , i'd been a while a way from doing maintenance for my old drz as i bought three other bikes in the last years .