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  1. oldyeller

    Air Filter oil

    we use Bel-Ray foam filter oil in all our 2 strokes. Dont know if its the best out there but it works great for us. Any good filter oil will work as long as you change and clean them often.
  2. oldyeller

    Weisco pistons

    yes, i have them in both our yz125's. They are a little cheaper than oem and work well.
  3. oldyeller


    Do the newer YZ125's run a little higher compression? Our 2000 YZ's both run right around 125 psi.
  4. oldyeller

    Unidentified Yamaha?

    sounds like an old DT. Does it have a speedo and tach gauge?
  5. oldyeller

    Ok I switched to ATF for tranny

    Very interesting reading and comments. I guess it all comes down to what works best for you. And regular maintenance. Charlie
  6. oldyeller

    oil help

    What size of bike? on a yz 125 650 milliliters or 22 oz. i use Yamalube SAE 10W30 others my use something else.
  7. oldyeller

    04 ttr 125 not starting

    sounds like it needs a good carb cleaning. I wouldnt us the starting fluid on it anymore, that cant be good on the engine.
  8. oldyeller

    TTR250 electic start problem

    After doing some testing with a test light i finally found the problem. The contacts in the start switch were a little corroded. Cleaned them up with some sandpaper and it starts fine now. Thanks for the impute.
  9. oldyeller

    TTR250 electic start problem

    the electric start quit working today. Started up fine several times today then quit. when you hit the button there is nothing.push starts fine but its a hassle. Does anyone have a clue as to what i should check?
  10. oldyeller

    yz125 piston size question

    I have a 2000 yz125 that i an going to do a top end on. The cylinder is maked B. If i use a Wisco piston do they make more than one size? If i go with an OEM Yamaha piston should i use a B piston? or i have also read that you should run a D size piston in all cylinders A,B,C,or D if the cylinder is not new. Some more insight on this would be helpful.
  11. oldyeller

    Cold Weather Starting

    I always let mine idle for 8 to 10 minutes before taking off. Waz always told to let the piston and cylinder warm up good before getting on the throttle.
  12. oldyeller

    post your 125

    One of my winter projects. Not quit done yet but close.
  13. oldyeller

    YZ painted steel frame

    The base coat is OMNI MBC4798 (OMNI is made by PPG). Its the cheaper version of there paint. The cost is about 20.00 a pint compaired to 40.00 for PPG. If topcoated with a good clear coat it will hold up just as well. Any parts store that sells autobody paint supplys will be able to help you out. They should be able to make this color in a fizz can if that works better for you.
  14. oldyeller

    Piston Help

    If this is going to be a poll thread. here is my votes Wiesco, CHEVROLET, and Bud light
  15. oldyeller

    Air filter oil

    I put my filter in a ziplock bag, add a little oil and work it into the filter, keep adding and working it in until i get a unifourm coverage.