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  1. AzStorm

    Speeding ticket camera's

    I cant seem to edit my post so I'll just make another. The website shows it as unavailable but its nothing more than a LCD (Liquid crystal display) like a digital watch....except bigger and most electronic supply houses carry them in different sizes. So,if youre handy with a soldering iron it should be no problem to fab one for your bike.
  2. AzStorm

    Speeding ticket camera's

    I ride fast.Im also qaulified to do so and I do it safely. There is a time and a place for it,even on the street. Ive lived in Phx. all my life so I know where the photo radars are and I use this. http://www.flashalert.com/eclipse_unavailable.htm A simple flip of a switch and youre stealthy. You just have to remember to turn it off once the revenue generators are past.
  3. AzStorm

    70+ Hp Xr650l

    For those of you getting excited about HP and torque #'s,remember you can only go so far. IMO, you should be looking at weight to power ratios and HP#'s to $$$ ratio. Just y .02
  4. AzStorm

    Baja Design Light

    my mischevious,creative and prankster 8 and 11 year old daughters. If you have kids......keep them away from your pride and joy
  5. AzStorm

    HELP, can't get dipstick screwed in! (650R)

    Ive never been able to get mine started without just dropping it in then turning.If I feel any resistance I start over but have found this to work 99% of the time.
  6. AzStorm

    Got pulled over on the XRR

    Dont get too excited. Shes one of the better looking ones. Hotties are rare in Phx.,unless youve got bank that is.........
  7. Havent tried this yet.If you do let us know how it works. http://www.evanscooling.com/main27.htm Personally I use engine ice and have always had good results.
  8. Stick that boot up near the front axle and throttle steer the bike by swinging the rear end around using the throttle. I have even moved my forks up in the triples to get it to turn faster. Its typical,in my experiance that the BRP likes to push the front in turns.
  9. AzStorm

    Carb of choice for BRP??

    Thanks for the help all. I think its going to end up an FCR setup since it will only be on the street and Im usually heavy on the throttle with the right hand
  10. AzStorm

    Carb of choice for BRP??

    R New to me Sumo project.
  11. AzStorm

    Carb of choice for BRP??

    Edelbrock? FCR?? This bike is in the process of getting the big bore kit,stage 2 cam, and larger valves with a few secret goodies thrown in. Exhaust will most likely be Leo or Staintune. Impressions,experiances,recommendations???
  12. Aftermarket....ASV maybe???
  13. AzStorm

    Need CDI help please.

    Give these guys a ring.....maybe they can help. http://www.pentonimports.com/ They carry the PVL ignitions and CDIs and might be able to help you trouble shoot the problem.
  14. AzStorm

    lc4 smoked tail light?

    Good reason! I just hope you dont ride on street at night.
  15. AzStorm

    lc4 smoked tail light?

    Sorry I misunderstood your post. Why do you want to smoke or dim your taillight???Just curious.