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  1. I have interested in kowing where my bike stands on suspension numbers too. Turns out , on Racetech website, it says my 05 yz450 it comes w/ .460 kg/mm fork springs , and it recommends ( w/ my weight @ 210 lbs) .466 kg/mm so it looks like I'm set. no need to buy fork springs like I had to on my 98 KX 250. Thanks for the 411 guys.
  2. ACE_269

    which oil do you use winter and summer

    Hey Grayracer, where did you find that Manuals link? I just bought my 450 and the dude didnt have manual. Could really use anything I can get my hands on ( esp. if it sfree) I'm too poor to buy a new manual, lol.
  3. ACE_269

    How much noise is excessive on a 450?

    I recently just bought an 05 YZ450 and just converted from the 2 stroke. I was/ a, kinda concerned about all of the valvetrain/ engine noise too. On a V8 car engine, you would think the timing cahin was slapping if it ws making that kinda noise. So, I was wondering the same thing.
  4. ACE_269

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    Hey Burned, Dude,i gotta tell you. You really know your stuff. I just bought an 05 450 and am learning the way of the 4stroke ( just sold 98 KX250). Its a whole new world. I have been taking notes on your insight of jetting- although I don't really have any probs at this moment. Neways, I was noticing my 450 is a little boggy around the corners in 2nd gear ( i find myself trying to go to 1st, and then thats too low) so i was thinking about going to a taller rear sprocket. Was just talking to a local shop and he told me to advance the cam and it would add all kinds of TQ so I could stay w/ stock gears. Any of this sound right? Any advice for jetting in Missouri (stock motor)?
  5. ACE_269

    YZ450 Fork oil/ tuning

    Sorry, it's an 05 YZ450F. Just bought it this year from a guy who raced it for a year. Not sure what he has done to it or how much abuse it has been thru, so i'm trying to get it all ready for the season next year. And yeah, I was looking at the way its assembled, trying to figure out if I could replaace the seals on my own and it looks kinda complicated to get the valving detatched from the upper tube. I had a 98 KX 250 and dooing those was a snap. Are you saying I have to take the valving apart to measure, or just unscrew the top cap from the upper tube and let the upper tube slide down to the bottom of the lower fork( the part that has the valving in it). Thats how it did my kx. Seemed hard to get my measuring stick ( zip-tie) down in the tube due to the spring getting in the way. Thanks for your help Grayracer. Hey, have you ever heard or advancing the cam in your 450? A guy at a local shop said he would do it for me, said it would increase HP by 8hp at peak and 3 HP off idle. worth a try IMO.
  6. ACE_269

    How much fork oil, '05 YZ450F

    Does anyone have a measurement for this procedure? I am planning on just inverting the forks and dumping out the old oil and replacing w/ new.
  7. ACE_269

    rotellat oil in an mx bike

    Thanks GrayRacer for correcting me, I hate to continue to be incorrect. On the oil being "beat up", I didnt do any technical analysis but I could tell that it visibly looked dirtier- more of a grayish color, and didnt feel to the touch that it had as much viscosity. So it seemed to "break down" sooner. We are talking about an R6 that ran around 12k to 15.5K rpm most of the time. I was turned on to Rotella Synthetic after reading some articles from this website. The author seemed to ahve done alot of research. http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Consumables.html#Oil
  8. OK well I just pulled my forks to replace the fork oil and noticed that they look either really low , or I am way off on the level needed. I always thought that about 3" was a good start but I checked mine and there isnt any oil @ 6". I think I might need to check some resources and find out exactly where it needs to be. Prolly drained out the seals w/ my luck. Anyone have any suggestions? Plus, I looks like the forks have alot of static sag in them and might need shimmed. Just sitting on the ground, they have 4mm of play in them. Seems excessive to me. I was reading the slick fork thread and was thinking about going the cheap route and just waxing my tubes, lol. Who knows, it might work-redneck engineering.
  9. ACE_269

    rotellat oil in an mx bike

    If you're gonna use Rotella T , I recommend using the Synthetic ( blue container). I use it and have used it on my street bike. I noticed a 5 degree cruising temp ( lower) on my R6 when I changed to Rotella Synthetic, and the oil was half as beat up after 4,000 miles when I changed it Watch out for anything that says "energy conserving" on the circle on the back of the container. It is bad for engines that have a wet clutch.
  10. ACE_269

    Anodizing Spray

    Dude yzfmxer, thos epegs are huge. OMG, they Look like a flatbed truck. nice.How are they to ride on?