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  1. ss as far as doubting the magazines opinion of the rmz being the bike of the year, suspension setup is personal and easily changed...getting your suspension setup right for you is allot easier than getting a bike that handles like crap to turn or putting a 1k$ pipe and remapping the fi to get the power on par with the competition.. aside from fork being a little harsh on braking and acceleration chop the suspension is pretty good...my rear end tracks smooth.. i took 50cc of oil out of the fork and tuned the clickers but other than that its stock...ive come up short on a 90' jump and it gobbled it up no problem...your rear is too soft when coming up short?? got 5hrs on mine going to revalve after the next ride..if the fork wasnt as harsh in braking bumps i wouldnt even change it im 190lbs as well...
  2. going to take my first ride on my new 2013 tomorrow...was planning on taking some oil out of the spring side.. MXA recommended taking out 40cc's but ive also read people are taking out 100cc What are you guys running? keep in mind this will be a temporary bandaid..will be revalving after i put some time on it.. 190lbs riding rough outdoor tracks.. thanks
  3. nice! bike looks awesome.. .
  4. you bought RC's Lorettas bike??
  5. We have a winner!!! beautiful bike!..im picking up mine today! im opting for the same package as you..did the graphics come with the backgrounds or did u get those made??
  6. Sorry to hear!..i would have been pissed!!
  7. how long did it end up taking to get?? im picking up my 13 tomorrow...are we talking a couple weeks or months??
  8. i have an intake side and a head if u need it...i actually have an exhaust side but my friend tried to weld on it to build it up to remachine but it didnt really work..
  9. If you want to sell your beta to get one with a title shoot me a pm...my friend is looking for one..
  10. i just went through the same process my friend repaired that and also matched a new cover to fit..about 6hrs on it now and no problems. i just sold the intake side cover because i only used the exhuast side..the kid emailed me and said he ended up going different route..lmk if u want me to see if he will sell it to u..
  11. looking for parts for the aprilla.. seems like they are scarce...granted the airboot is fixable w/o replacing..i guess you could ride it until it breaks and then part it out..im sure people could use the parts... a running one sold on ebay for 650 a little while ago...maybe ill offer him 450 after hes been sitting on it for a few weeks...
  12. found this one too... this thing must be really hard to get parts for.. http://ventura.craigslist.org/mcy/3661691930.html
  13. been wanting to get into trials for awhile now...would this thing be worth it? can i find parts? or would i be better off saving up and getting a 95 or newer?? what year do you guys think it is? 86? http://santabarbara.craigslist.org/mcy/3661831520.html
  14. anybody know if the hubs between 250 and 450 were the same? i remember reading they were but not 100% sure
  15. nevermind got one..