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  1. Also found this. http://www.702sportbikes.com/showthread.php?33718-ALERT-TO-EVERYONE-WHO-HAS-A-2009-amp-2010-KYB-SHOCK
  2. Gray, I don't know what you don't understand here. I am trying to see if anyone has heard something similar. No shit it's a rumor, I say it's heard from a friend because it is. I use Active Ride and have for a long time now. Never had a problem, I'm not out to "get" anyone. harrperf - that's exactly what I was talking about I haven't seen it but have heard about it. I googled pro action shock failure and found this - http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=184294978256871 Matt - thanks for the input, Ross would definitely know. I thought it was nuts from the get go..
  3. That's what I am here looking for..
  4. Any suspension guys want to chime in?
  5. You are right, I changed my post. Back on topic we go!
  6. A buddy of mine went to Pro Action for suspension, they told him he needs to pay $90 for some shim that's known to fail and cause the shock to blow out. I told him I thought they were yanking his chain, I haven't heard that once nor have I had any shock issues with my 2010 YZ450. So he goes back and talks to them some more, they show him a letter that has been faxed around to different companies Factory Connection being one of them. Basically this letter says this shim is known to fail. Has anyone experienced this, or heard about this? I find it weird that a guy with the same bike went to Pro Action the week before and was not offered the wonder shim. They also told him, with this Shim if his shock blows out they'll warranty 100% of the repairs. Without the shim he is on his own.
  7. Must have been one plate extra.. damn tough crowd.
  8. I had the air boot tear where it meets the carb, might want to check that area. Basically underneath the clamp.
  9. I just re-read the OP and realized I understood him wrong. But I've seen complete free play at the lever when a guy was one plate short.
  10. Make sure #17 is in there. Did you take out any plates? This happens when you are a plate short as well.
  11. Easily two full inches on a stand. Either way I've used the same method for 10+ years and this is my first failure, I really don't think it was over tight but it sure could be a possibility. Gray - have you heard mention of the rear shock shim deal Pro Action is blabbing about?
  12. It's totally possible, like I said I had checked them a couple of days before though. I've never had a hub fail on me, and I was still on my first moto of the day about 15minutes of riding. I'm not blaming Yamaha by any means, I was told at the track that a guy had personally seen several hubs break the same way so I thought I'd check. I ordered a set of Talon T3 wheels from KSR that should be in any day now. As far as the shock thing, that's what I'm more interested in. I think it's total BS, I have searched all day and haven't found a single comment backing up Pro Actions claims...
  13. The bolts were tight, I had just gone over them a day or two before getting the bike ready. It broke a chunk of hub containing three sprocket bolts off as one piece... I'll post some pics up when I get my new wheels in and start the repairs...
  14. Definitely not over tight, I use the standard "three finger" measurement method.
  15. I have heard two issues recently, one I have experienced the other I have not. I was wondering if this stuff is widespread, an actual issue or just make believe? 1) Has anyone had issues with the rear hub blowing apart on the sprocket side? I had this happen three weeks ago upon landing, I now have metal bolted to my collarbone. 2) A friend called Pro Action to get his bike(11 YZ450) revalved they told him he needs a $90 shim to take care of an issue that involves the rear shock blowing out causing internal shock damage and one gnarly crash. I have had my bike since June and the only issue I have had with it is the rear hub blowing up. I took it as a freak thing after 8 months of pretty hard abuse but was told by an individual that he personally knows of 4 other people who had a similar hub failure. As far as the shock thing I have never heard of that before, my bike has been revalved by Active Ride since June with no issues, nor has anyone ever mentioned something similar to me. Pro Action told my buddy they have seen at least 25 shock failures due to this shim. Anyone else had either of these experiences? I happen to think my hub issue is a freak thing, and the Pro Action Shock Shim issue is a blatant lie.