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  1. MACE

    Slide Mountain closing to ALL access!

    A great philosopher once said: "Watch your corn hole, man".
  2. MACE

    First Aid Riders

    Don't lose heart Dutch. Enduro riders don't need no first aid. They just push the bone back in, rub dirt on it, and try to get back on time. I expect the crew is more available for non competition weekends.
  3. MACE

    BlackBear ??

    You mean high winds, hail and frogs falling from the sky? What kind of Blackbear doesn't bring "special" conditions?
  4. MACE

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    Yeah, it would have been a shame to have eaten all that cabbage and dark beer and been out of Gov Le Petomane's smellin' distance. Looks like the East Bay Banditos got your back though.
  5. MACE

    First Aid Riders

    It was good to see you out on the trail at Shelton. If you figure out what sort of comms would work well for the First Aid Riders group I'd like to donate a few clams toward their purchase.
  6. MACE

    Shelton 2-Day Fun Run

    If your bike is too loud. Leave it home or better yet, scrap it. No excuse for stupid loud bikes.
  7. MACE

    Seattle Area Stihl Repair

    Oh yeah, well I hope your steering dampNer leaks and your AR15 assault weapon banana clip gets bruised.
  8. MACE

    Seattle Area Stihl Repair

    Siskun in Everett treated my wife pretty well. Gave her a free blade file when she took her saw in for a sharpening. Probably ugly guys they charge extra so send your hot bable wife.
  9. MACE

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    I would seriously consider a side job to convert and certify dirt bikes if this passed. If the fender rules could be checked with the rider on board, that requirement might not be so bad.
  10. MACE

    Legal hussy

    Dutch, I hope the bore and reline fix your shoulders. You are almost in your prime. Can't stop now.
  11. MACE

    No longer at Motoplex

    Well that bites. The only parts and accessory guy I ask for by name.... Fred, you would have been the last guy I'd let go if I was MotoPlex. Hope all the rest of the salesfolks are blood relatives of the owner.
  12. MACE

    Everett Endurocross

    Well, at least he had the grace to contain the flames to the fire pit. I was impressed with the gutsy performance Brandon Johnson put on in his first half of his heat race. Too bad he crashed so hard and lost his fire. Jamie Lanza raced with a lot of heart and showed a lot of natural talent. At 5'-6" he is just too short to ride some of the obstacles last night. Not much he can do about that though. It was a treat to watch Taddy. I've never personally seen such talent. Sometimes it was like he just made the bike float by shear will. Sort of like Michael Jordan used to do. Did anyone catch the dirty squeeze Mike Brown put on him as he was being lapped? Just before the woodpile Brown slashed his line into the log divider. Boooo.
  13. MACE

    Ron Morgenthaler

  14. I mention the signing bonus because sometimes problems don't turn up for a long time after an accident. Think like bone spurs on vertabrae sort of things. Signing the release on the back of the check is your gamble that you won't have an invisible long term problem. $5k can seem like a lot of money to a 20yo. He will just have to use his judgement whether it is enough to get him to sign away any future recourse. Good for you guys not looking for the jackpot.