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  1. If you're gonna get a two-stroke woods bike...do it right and get a KTM 200. It handles far better than the KDX and has more power for any steep hills you might come across. The only drawback with KTM's are the brutal seats...if you buy one it's the first thing I'd change. A lot of people complain about how harsh the rear suspension is on KTM's, but I think a lot of those complaints are because of the seat.
  2. I suppose your right about travis barely being able to do backflips and 360's, especially considering he just landed a double backflip. Idiot.
  3. Depends on whether you plan to race or not. The 450 may be more fun as a play bike, but on an MX track you'd probably be faster on a 250F because it won't tire you out. I ride a 2001 YZ426F and when making back to back comparisons between it and my friends 250F I'm always faster on my friends bike, simply because I'm able to ride it harder without getting tired. But that's just my two cents.