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  1. SuperFoot

    how to make my pitbike CA green stickered??

    That sucks.well thats what im going to have to do then,is to sell it.Its great bike but I like riding year around when I get bored.i'll get my self a big bike next.I use to have a Husaburg 500cc bike.those were the days.I paid 2,860 out the door for my Polini bike. I wonder if I could get at least 2000 dollars for my bike?? Any one interested?
  2. SuperFoot

    how to make my pitbike CA green stickered??

    I see.So if I had a complete honda xr50 and have all the papers for that bike and then just pull the moter and put it on my polini bike I can re-register my bike as a honda xr50 right??its just really a chassis change.
  3. I have a Polini XP4 pitbike w/ 107cc engine I had baught new in 2006.I live around the livermore Cali area.Any ways its a red stickered bike.How can I make it green sticker bike?If I baught a Honda crf50 engine and put that one in and show it to the dmv will they issue me a green sticker??Please if any one knows about how I can get this done that would be great thanks!It would be really nice to ride my bike all year around.
  4. SuperFoot

    Whats New

    Some one post a picture or give a web site. I go to see this new Ktm pit bike your talking about??!!!!!!
  5. SuperFoot

    Polini XP4R 14/12

    I see you also have the new Polini clutch too!how much did the 4 valve head kit cost you and how much did the new clutch kit cost???
  6. SuperFoot

    Tire mounting/dismounting?

    I highly recommend this!!!I tried changing the tires on my Polini pit bike and I was using all the right stuff and for me to get that last bit of tire on, the tire iron flipped up and hit me right above my eye on the bone, and I got a concussion,cause it slapped back at me.just do it the easy way and take it to a shop. Its only like 10 or 15 dallors and have them put the extra thick tubes in, so ur worry free about flat tires.
  7. I have a polini xp4 pit bike and I was wondering if I can make it run alcohol fuel. I would like to run high compression in my engine with piston and stuff and alcohol is cheaper for high octane fuel.I know I would need a new carb and fuel additive so it doesnt damage any thing, but whats all the things I would need to do and were can I find the right equipment??
  8. SuperFoot

    Kitaco 124 vs GPX 131 stage 2????

    I was wondering why and how the kitaco 124 engine has 14 to 17HP were as the gpx is 131cc and has only 12HP??really how is it a 124cc engine can make 14 to 17 HP, and the GPX engine only been able to get 12 HP out of it??? the name "made in japan" doesnt make the kitaco faster but it has to do with the specs of every thing on the engine on how it works.Now why cant some one use the same specs and blue print the GPX or any other chinese engine for that matter and get alot of horse power out of it.Whats the technical reason behind why one can get more then the other????
  9. ok this was my first time putting a tire on a dirt bike rim.Man is it a pain in the ass!! well after I installed it I pumped it up.and a bunch of air was leaking out by the valve stem and the other side.I think I might have pinched it with the tire iron GRRRR.......any ways could I use that Slime that goes in the tube to repair it, will it hold up good enough???Also do they make those air-les tubes for smaller wheels besides the big bikes??
  10. SuperFoot

    I Need help fast!!! how to put a rim lock on??

    Oh thats all it doesnt have to be so super exact?ok then i'll just center. thanks
  11. I need help!! Ive never put a rim lock on.I baught a whole complete wheel for my polini bike.its 12" rim.It does not have a whole on the other side of the rim, oposite of the valve, but does have a ruff spot to show it should go in that area. How do I messure so I know exactly were to drill the whole for the rim lock???? please help me out and if you know of a web site with pictures that would be great thank you!!!
  12. SuperFoot

    Honda Nice110!!! I want one!!!!

    Hey every one im going to the philippines soon, and I was wondering if any one knows or have heard of places to get a honda nice 110 engine in asia some were???I would like to get a honda nice engine 110 and bring it back home and then slap it on my pit bike and have a great engine.Does any one know were you can get parts for this type of engine??I hope to find the real thing not the chinese tiger engine. I could probably find one of I ask the locals, so thats what im going to do, but if any one knows of places they have heard of let me know and i'll check it out.Thanks
  13. SuperFoot

    12/12 combo on a Polini XP 4

    check it out here> http://uk.polini.www.portal.tradenet.it/pages_220.html Its called XP4R or xp4 stroke R.It also comes with hydralic disk brakes as standard.I wonder what the price will be though.
  14. SuperFoot

    12/12 combo on a Polini XP 4

    Yes you can,*but you have to have the swing arm extended*.Im getting mine extended as we speak, it should be done this week.I'll post pic when I get it.I have already orderd 14"front gold rim and 12" rear rim.For 2006 Polini is coming out with a xp4 with 14/12 combo.I guess once they come out with that bike you could just order the stock swing arm off that bike.Its the same bike just with bigger wheels and longer swingarm.
  15. SuperFoot


    hands down klx110 all the way!!!!I use to have a brand new one not to long ago but I needed the money so I sold it cheap.It was so much fun to ride and its very stable with the bigger wheels,unlike the xr50 which is all squerly when riding.I wish I didnt have to sell it, but im going to buy another one some time soon again.I own a polini xp4 right now, but my next pit bike will be a klx110.