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  1. Have a chance to buy a 91 dr250. What should I look for? What is the after market like? Has very low miles and they are asking $1700.00. Is this a good price? Thank you all in advance.
  2. Anyone know when the 2007 models come out? I understand Yamaha and Honda are coming out with new dual sport models.
  3. Need advice, looking for a new trails bike. Sat on the kawasaki klx250s, a little on the tall side. Thinking about the yamaha xt225. Thanks for any thoughts in advance.
  4. Thanks Nav, very nice jesture. Also thanks for the forum information.
  5. Will this fit a new klx 250s? If so, I would like to talk.
  6. Just moved to Poulsbo Washington, looking for fire roads and off road spots to ride and photograph. Thanks in advance for all and any help.