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  1. maybe i´m just another crazy in this planet but i really enjoy the pleasure of being alone on the road with my bike, i had to posponed other things in my life in order to be free to do this kind of trip but that´s another story....some have fun hangin from bridges, others walking over fire....but hey the hell with the people who just can´t understand my purpose, i remember early this year i was with a friend on his xr 400 cruising from chile to argentina trough the andes cordillera and at a point of the trip my rear wheel hub desintegrated ( the roller bearing brake aparte inside the hub and the iron tiny balls destroyed the hub) how can we fix this? we are at 9700 ft above sea level in the mountains just imagine the feeling long story short the inner hub resist to the next village and we called assistance .....mate i will send you a mail with plenty of info about the trip when it´s done and course i will post a trip report everyday or at least soon i found internet service along the trip. ( hey gang sorry for my english....long time ago since the last time i speak english). any advices from you gang are more than wellcome.
  2. my mistake.... i`m thinking on a 13.000 miles all the way and back, on 3 months i have a decent amount of experience on long distance trips before on ktm 640 adv and kawa klr 650 but now i`m a very proud owner of an drz 400 s 2006 and i really want to do the trip on the bike, yes i think the cushion is very important but my initial concern is the ability of the engine to do the trip (reliability).
  3. mostly tarmac but a good percent of dirt roads, a think the drz will be helpfull on situations that a lighter bike is better i think, ( the drz is the "s" model)
  4. hello gang!! i`m planing to do a little trip....from chile to venezuela and back...what about reliability?, engine issues?, is more than 26.000 miles on 3 months, any of you guys have done a trip like this before on the drz? cheers
  5. mf1a

    new drz400S owner!

    neutral finding problem sometimes is the result of bend clutch steel disc, this can cause that the disengaging action of the clutch did not function properly. did your bike move forward more than a little when you are in first gear but with the clutch lever totally engaged?
  6. mf1a

    2007 ISDE - Chile

    www.six-days.org http://www.isde2007.cl/en/index.php ( in english)
  7. thanks for your answer :-)
  8. hello i have an 620 exc 1994, i think maybe the procedure for change the seal is the same, first drain all the oil from the engine then i took off the old seal , and then clean the hole with a cleaner (not too much quantity and carefully not to spurr cleaner inside of the engine) then put some glycerine wax or simply a little oil in the interior of the new seal (for lubrication and preventing damage on the replace) then i put a very little quantity of silicone on the exterior border of the seal, with a lot of patience put the new seal on place ( i made a my own tool for this operation with a small bar of hard wood and a small hammer) be very carefull about the position of the new seal going in to the case. i hope this helps bye
  9. Hello guys i`m owner of an ktm 620 exc 1994 and the other day i was riding normaly on the road for about 20 minutes from my home at 49 mph, and then when i stop the bike i realize that there is oil leak coming from the airbox, there is no smoke on the exhaust pipe and the bike runs great (the day after i was changing the oil) maybe i put more oil than the recomended quantity, but that was all the problem, when i come back to my home the leak stops and no more again. any ideas? any info will be very apreciate. thanks Mf1a ktm 620 exc 1994 Hola amigos soy dueño de una ktm 620 exc 1994, hace unos dias cuando salia de mi caas e iba rodando por aproximadamente 20 minutos a una velocidad de 80kph todo iba vien hasta que me detuve a comprar un snack para el camino, me doy cuenta que estaba botando aceite desde la caja del filtro de aire, lo cual me llamo la atencion, no era mucha cantidad pero tampoco algo normal, me detuve ahi por un rato y despues me devolvi a mi casa, llegue ahi y ya no estaba botando aceite, desarme el filtro de aire para limpiarlo y despues de eso ya no ha botado mas aceite, debo agregar que no he usado mucho la motocycleta desde que la compre por falta de tiempo, pero tengo temor que vuelva a pasar. pd: esto sucedio luego de que le cambie aceite, quizàs coloque mas cantidad de aceite que la necesaria. tambien cuando esto sucediò vi que el nivel de aceite no bajò en nada. cualquier opinion seria de mucha ayuda. muchas gracias