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  1. Hello, I am looking at buying a '96 CR125. I was just told that the engine is a '97. I would like to confirm this before I buy the bike. My understanding is the '97 engine is better than the '98-up engines. Can someone please explain what type of engine number I should see if it is a '97? I found out the engine number is JE01E 5705113. What year of engine would this be?
  2. Is it possible to convert an '04 or earlier YZ125 to an aluminum frame from an '06 YZ125? Does the engine and all the parts mount correctly without modification?
  3. brianr34

    YZ125 frame

    It was 2005.
  4. brianr34

    Thor Quadrant compared to Tech 6/8

    Thank you for the very detailed information. Based on what I have learned, I am going to go with the Tech 6's.
  5. brianr34

    Thor Quadrant compared to Tech 6/8

    What makes the Tech 8 so much better than the Quadrant?
  6. I currently am using Thor Quadrant books. These boots cost about $140 new. I am considering upgrading my boots. What is the big different between the Thor Quadrant and Alpinestars Tech 6 or 8? Do they really make a big difference in protection and overall safety for your leg? What is the main difference between the Tech 6 and 8? Does the 8 offer more protection than the 6?
  7. brianr34

    Picking up new '05 YZ250 on Friday

    Thanks for the information. I think I will just leave it stock for now. I am sure it will have plenty of power for me. I was just afraid that it may not have much low end and then it hits very hard in the midrange. What is a good premix oil to use?
  8. I bought a new leftover '05 YZ250 2 stroke for $4190 OTD. From what I have read, it should be an awesome bike. I have a few questions about the new bike. What is a good premix oil to use? I will be riding the bike at 500 ft above sea level. How is the jetting stock? I plan on riding the bike the day after I get it and would like to know if I need to change the jetting. Hopefully just an adjustment to the air screw would be enough. How is the powerband? I like a bike that has good low end and the powerband is fairly linear. I will be riding the bike on the track (no racing) and some trail riding. Do Vforce reeds work good on this bike? Is there any know problems with this bike that I should be aware of? Thanks for any input.
  9. I plan on buying a new Honda Motocross bike. The dealer I work with has either the '06 CR250 or '06 CRF250 for $5200. I plan on doing mainly riding at the track (but not racing) and some trail riding. Which would be a better bike all around to buy? I would also plan on having the bike for several years. The reasons I like the CR. Easier to work on. Less expensive if something goes wrong with the engine. More overall power. The reasons I like the CRF. Lighter. Less finicky about fouling plugs. Probably easier to ride. I have heard that the CR250 powerband is a little bit wicked. Not very much low end and then it has a very strong mid range. How controllable is the power? Any input on which would make a better bike would be appreciated. I understand there will a bias towards the CRF since it is a CRF forum.
  10. I am considering buying either a new '05 CR125 or '06 CR250 leftover. I need some help in deciding which bike to get. I would mainly do riding at the track (just riding, no racing) and some woods riding. How is the engine on the '05 CR125? What type of powerband does it have? Does it foul plugs as bad as the '04 CR125's? What problems does the '05 CR125 have? How is the engine on the '06 CR250? What type of powerband does it have? Would it generally foul plugs less than the 125? What problems does the '06 CR250 have?
  11. I was thinking about buying a '98 CR250R. How was the engine and what type of powerband did this year have? Was there any specific problems with this year of bike? Was there any big reliability problems.
  12. I was thinking about buying a new '04 CR250R. What type of bike is this? How is the engine powerband and reliability? Does the bike foul plugs like the '04 CR125? How does the power compare to a '01 CR250R? What are some of the problems to look out for on the '04? I just want it for some riding at the track and occaisonal trail riding?
  13. Will a '06 YZ125 engine bolt up to a '02 YZ125 without any modifications? What years would the '06 engine fit, without any modifications?
  14. Does anyone know if a muffler from a '06 CRF250X will fit onto an '05 CRF250R using the stock R header pipe? Will it fit without any modifications?
  15. Which dealer currently has the best deal on a NEW '06 YZ450F? If you know of a good deal, please let me know the dealer name and the cost.