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  1. strippedthread1

    bike choice help

    You say 3 grand in mods, what would I have to do to the DRZ that would cost 3 grand to make on par with the 450X?
  2. strippedthread1

    bike choice help

    I am looking to get more into dual sport riding rather than just strictly dirt. I currently have an 05 Honda CRF450X. I realize this is the DRZ forum, so there might be some bias, but given what the 450X has to offer, would I be better off getting a dual sport kit or a DRZ's'? Just some issues being power, suspension, etc. Thanks for any advice you have, Mike
  3. It's even more cool when you're stationed on one of the carriers, I've been on four of them.
  4. strippedthread1

    plating the 450X in Virginia

    Does the DMV do the inspection or do I need to take it to a dealer first? I'm thinkin all I need is a dual sport kit, enduro or supermoto tires/wheels and a mirror, am I missing anything? Any idea on the cost to get the plate, how long ago did you do this?
  5. strippedthread1

    Plating a CRF450x in Virginia

    Could you ask your buddies for some knowledge on the subject? My local shop says it can't be done.
  6. strippedthread1

    Plating a 450x in Virginia

    Does anyone know the requirements to get a plate for an 05 Honda 450x in Virginia? Can it even be done? Thanks, Mike
  7. Does anyone know the requirements for plating an 05 Honda CRF450x in Virginia? Can it even be done? Thank you, Mike
  8. strippedthread1

    plating the 450X in Virginia

    Does anyone have any experience with trying to make their 450x street legal in Virginia? Can it be done? Thanks, Mike
  9. strippedthread1

    Suzuki LTZ400 valve clearance

    My 04 is becoming hard to start and I need to check the valve clearances anyway. Question: 1. What are the tolerances for the intake and exhaust valves? Thank you for any help you can give. Mike
  10. strippedthread1

    '07 head, on my '04 X, new valves

    Had a completely awesome time at Hatfield Mccoy. It is beautiful country. The riding there has something for everyone. The motor now has 6 hours and over 100 miles since the installation of the Ron Hamp cylinder head and I just checked the clearences. R intake .006, L intake .005, both exhaust .011. The thing rips, I had to really throttle up my 450x to keep up with my son in the tight stuff. Thanks Ron.
  11. strippedthread1

    '07 head, on my '04 X, new valves

    No problems at all, works great. We are gonna put a couple more hours on mthe motor tomorrow then check the clearances one more time before we go to Hatfield Mccoy in West Virginia. We are going over Veterans Day, we will probably do 100-150 miles over 2 days. I'll post again after that trip and post ride clearances are taken.
  12. strippedthread1

    '07 head, on my '04 X, new valves

    Just finished doing the Ron Hamp 07 R head on my sons 04 X. All I can say is wow! I used 220 and 225 shims for the exh and 165 and 170 for the intakes. It is easier to do your shimming before installing the head on the motor. While the motor was apart I installed a JE 13.5:1 piston and a JD jet kit with a 162 main and the red needle 5th clip. It starts easier and pulls like an entirely different machine. Although, it still won't catch my 05 450X. Bottom line, big props to Ron for fast, friendly service at a good price with unsurpassed customer support. I say this, because when my parts arrived, I had everything but the piston pin cir-clips so I called Ron and he overnighted them to me. Thanks again Ron.
  13. strippedthread1

    shimming brand, brand new head

    Ron Hamp is the man. We took the freshly rebuild 250X/R for a spin today and WOW, does it have some go! The stats on the bike are as follows: - completely new 07 R head - JE 13.5:1 piston - JD jetting 162 main red needle 5th clip - opened air box and stock exhaust This thank rips. Thanks Ron.
  14. strippedthread1

    shimming brand, brand new head

    Thanks for your help. Shimmming on the bench yielded: left intake 170 right intake 165 left exh 220 right exh 225 These shims got me to .005 and .011 respectively.
  15. strippedthread1

    shimming brand, brand new head

    I have an 07 R head ready to go on my sons 04 X, it is a completely new head. What is the best shim size to start when shimming a brand new head?