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  1. We have a great Husky dealer here in Boise and I was wondering if the TC would be a good trail bike for tight rocky Idaho trails. I know the TE is considered more a trail bike but I'm looking for lighter weight. Thanks!
  2. Surely someone has ridden one! How was it?
  3. Mines an 05 model, looking at the same mods. where can I get the kit, diaphram, etc. Thanks Greg
  4. where do i get the info on the honda diaphram mod? Thanks Greg
  5. I had mine lowered 1.5 inches by a motorcycle shop in Boise. Mototech. it seems they can pull some spacers out fairly easy to do so. cost:$260 I'd like it a little lower but it's pretty good.
  6. Does anyone have a better choice for muffler than the stock can on a '05 400 exc? I'm told the stock cans are pretty good but I'd like a quieter one if possible. I ride in areas where sound is a big issue and they're trying to get rid of us. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if the FMF Ti Q is louder than my stock 400 EXC exhaust? I'm looking at it but don't want it any louder than it is. any suggestions will be appreciated..! Thanks