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  1. Ready for sale...
  2. Found them.. Thanks guys!
  3. Looking for a sprocket and the tensioner guide which bolts to the head.. putting a motor together that was in a box.. These parts were missing
  4. Watch the Classified section later today...
  5. I expect to have all BBR parts available and listed in the classified section within a week.. Pricing TBA I will also include professional powder coating (color of choice) for swing arms, triples, cradles and chain guide if requested.. 2 swingarms - Silver & Gold - 2 Triples - Gold 1 Chain guide - Gold 2 Cradles - Gold & Black 1 Rear Shock w/BBR spring 2 sets - Fork springs
  6. I have 2 CRF100's which I'm going to sell.. Both have BBR swing arms, skid plates, triple clamps and chain guides. I'm considering to put OEM parts on and sell BBR parts separately.. Any interest and/or value of the parts?
  7. .. "Seat of the Pants".. Impressive..!! Revs MUCH quicker.. All three of my 150F's (actually 270cc, 2-175cc) have them..
  8. I have a Takagawa on one of mine... A 230 carb on my 150/270
  9. Guess it's not common to install the 230 carb on 150's..
  10. thanks!
  11. What is a good base line main & pilot using the 230 Power up needle.. Thanks!
  12. Jetting starting point please.. BBR 175 kit w/cam, 230 carb, Power up needle, Big Gun pipe.
  13. Thank you..! My 150/270 stroker really enjoys the missing 9 oz...
  14. Stock 42.35 oz Mod. 33.30 oz Lightened by 9.05 oz
  15. Just needed a torque spec.. Thanks for your concern General..!