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  1. hey im new too!
  2. yeah. im the guy that is racing this thing with him. we will be in the beginners class. im either riding a kx 125 or a crf 150. i might not be able to get the kx b4 the race. will i be ok on a crf 150??they say im fast thru the flat woods so whats up?
  3. dude go with the 230. im not that big but im starvin for power on mine!the 150 is quick through the tight woods but im sure the 230 is too. depends on how big you are...
  4. i agree...but...i think it is interesting to see how the dominant racers adapt to the mud. i still like a clean sx tho.
  5. i agree with this guy above me. backflips are getting old to watch on tv. tricks like the superman seat grab are grabbing my attention more than a side saddle back flip. seems odd but true. the longer fmx runs are what they need to focus on rather than the best trick competition. (although i do wanna see pastrana pull a double back flip in competition)
  6. dude. i sent you a message already about the bike. i have a crf 150 for sale.
  7. sup with my niggas