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  1. Col105

    My bad attempt at a wheelie

    Yes it was a pretty bad attempt, the DRZ wheelie fetured after yours isn't 2 bad,
  2. Col105

    Victoria, Australia

    Hi, if u find a good aussie site let me know, I'm from NSW, sth end of sydney & have a property between Bega & Wyndam with lots of good riding on fire trails in State Forest.
  3. Col105

    River / Stream Crossing Techniques

    Rivers all differ & I've found that it's usually easier sitting in deeper still water & standing in shallow flowing stuff. I agree with the guys that say to keep the weight back & keep a bit of power on, but in deep water you need to go slow so as not to drown the air box. In OZ we don't have much water flowing in most riding areas at the moment due to the drought.
  4. Col105

    wanting to upgrade

    thanks for all your help but most of those bikes can't be registered without having to put speedos, lights etc on and may not have a compliance plate?? any other suggestions for bikes that come registerable?
  5. Col105

    wanting to upgrade

    Hey im a 16 year old girl im 5"4 and im about 50kg. I ride a honda XR100R at the moment and often ride a honda XR200 but really want to upgrade to something that i can register. Preferably something newish cos i want electric start im sick of kick starters! I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what bike may suit me? thanks heaps jaime
  6. Col105

    Xr600rn 1992-electrical Gurus:

    I have same problem with same bike & it's been sitting in a mates workshop for months, will try this out on mine & see if it's the go. I'm in OZ also, in Sth Sydney & ride down far Sth Coast on a DRZ400E now & it's beautiful, Col