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  1. T_isme

    Mounting TKC 80's--ARGH

    thanks all. I bought a clamp and a new tire. Practiced with the damaged one till I got it right. New TKC-80 is now mounted without a chewed up bead. It was an expensive lesson lol
  2. T_isme

    Mounting TKC 80's--ARGH

    I wanted to replace the TW's with TKC 80's on my DR650. I've two rim locks per tire and am using heavy duty tubes from Dual Star. Front went on okay but hard. In getting it on, I chewed up the 2nd bead a little, but seems okay. The rear is more than hard. Using WD40 for lube and my 10 inch spoons got all on but the final quarter and it won't stretch any more. Went up to a 16 inch iron--still no stretch. Chewed the 2nd bead to the point that I found steel wires poking out. I see that the first bead looks set all the way around. Is it the tire or is it me? If it's the tire, are all tubeless tires hard to hand mount? If it's me what am I doing wrong? If I cut the wires flush will it be safe to use, or is it trash? thanks. T
  3. T_isme

    Mounting TKC 80's--ARGH

    see other post
  4. T_isme

    Seemed like a good idea at the time...

    So what about coating the inside of the tank with a gas tank sealant--perhaps a two step epoxy?