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    Ride day in the GA.

    cant wait till you get some equiptment the dirt is perfect just need to add some more turns had fun matt took some good pics we'll be back let me know when yall want me to goon it
  2. everyone that hangs at haydens will be at bremenmx.com for the ride for at charity on sunday after bremen if your in the area check it out and come ride haydens during the week let me know who wants to go and maybe i can hook up with you and ride with you cause haydens still a school boy. JODY 754
  3. when is it open again i wanna come ride when i can get to cedartown in my rocket car in 3 minutes c'mon

    What is the best 110

    I am lookin to build a 110 soon and I am trying to find the best way to do it like what is the best suspension mod like a marzocchi front end or a 65 conversion but what are the mods to the steering stem and what motor kit to get i was thinking the 143 SE kitaco kit and and just the all around mods ignition,bars clamps,pipe, the best gearin on the sprocket,everything i aim gonna do everyhing ut the aluminum frame so any help would be good thanks HELLO can someone help a brotha out tryin to get the best way

    Creative Mx

    Well they did a whole bike kit for me last april and there was no problem very fast and thats why i called them back then i called this time and its been forever i think they have different owners or something cause they SUCK

    Creative Mx

    Has anyone ever had a problem with creative graffix cause i ordered a back fender sticker,backgrounds and wheel hub stickers in november and still havent recieved them yet. They have the worst customer service ever. when i call they always give me the run around and its so hard to get a answer to anything so i recommend not ever use them if i didnt pay upfront i wouldnt have waited the are a JOKE

    Your motocross Music?

    CHIMAIRA or KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or maybe country NOT
  8. I single the doubles can i still ride your track but your driveway has to be smooth cause i have a low rider and might not be able to get up if drive way is rough and i thought that nambla was something about men and boy loving or something oh yeah i just put NOS om my 450 its so fast it peeled the paint off my black wheels

    Broken triple clamp RMZ450

    Well thats weird cause I have a 05 and i jumped a step down triple and did the same exact thing to mine I had to order an applied