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    Dirtbike, Snowmobiling, Fishing, Shopping
  1. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Dirtbike in a boat

    Has anyone ever put one dirtbike inside of an aluminum fishing boat for trailering. If so how, and how did you secure it? We wanna do a little riding and fishing, but we can't pull the boat and dirtbike trailer at the same time. Thanks
  2. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    You thumpettes, PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK!

    I'll take the compliment too.
  3. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Girly Hobbies/Interests....

    pretty much the only girly thing i like to do is go shopping. total tomboy.
  4. Andys Yamaha Mommy


    were going up to nemadji state forest. camping out and riding. can't wait!!
  5. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Facial hair removal...

    I have had laser hair removal on my chin and upper lip. It worked great, and it never comes back. It was about $700 for both areas, but it's relatively permanent. It takes four or five session over the course of 6 or 7 mos.
  6. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    05 wr250 exhaust baffle

    I already drilled out the rivets, how does the baffle come out of the pipe? The Baffle does not want to come out. Its like its welded in there. Iam talking about the one on the end of the pipe. got it thanks
  7. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Does your bike have a name?

    mine is named heather
  8. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Camelbak & Chest Protector

    i just make my husband carry the water, and we always have enough for the both of us.
  9. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Michigan Riders

    I'm from Minnesota, but we make an anual to trip to Drummond Island, MI. It's the best.
  10. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Advice On The "Why Aren't You On A Quad?" Remark?

    I love the training wheels comeback.
  11. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Is this bad?

    i would say it's bad.
  12. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Hardcore woman riders in MN?

    My husband and I are pretty hardcore riders, and we live in Minneapolis. Would love to ride with other couples.
  13. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    Should I get a WR250F???

    I am 5'7" 180 pounds and I have a WR250F, and I love it. If you leave it in stock form(throttle screw, exhaust)..it's not too powerful. Personally I think these mods are a no brainer.
  14. Andys Yamaha Mommy

    my little thumpette

    Awesome!!! Santa also brought our 4 year old a TTR50 this year.