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  1. suzuki244nightmare

    Prefered chest protector

    mine is a thor under the jersey full protection. it has elbow arm shoulder back chest pads and a kidney belt. its great and ive had it 4 years
  2. suzuki244nightmare

    Considering racing next year but...

    first race dont race everyone else race the track. if you come up to somebody fight with him, but fight with one person at a time not the whole pack.
  3. suzuki244nightmare

    Considering racing next year but...

    im pretty lucky on where i live because i have a decent practice track, live ten minutes from one of the top 10 most difficult tracks in the U.S. and 30 minutes from a race thats people just mainly out there for fun. were low on money right now so we are trying hard to be able to keep racing cause with the gas up so high its really hard. i HATE gas being up so high. Its frustrating.
  4. suzuki244nightmare

    How many TTers in TX?

    waco eagles has a race every third sunday and its pretty cheap like $7 to enter and 15 a person to race saturdays before the race are free!!!
  5. suzuki244nightmare

    How many TTers in TX?

    ya and the aggie faggies lost lol
  6. suzuki244nightmare

    How many TTers in TX?

    near waco and a brother in houston GO WACO EAGLES MX!!!!! AND WB CYCLE RANCH!!!!!
  7. suzuki244nightmare

    Do You Holler When You're Racing?

    i tell myself wut gear im in cause i always keep the same line same speed. well i go faster each time lol!
  8. suzuki244nightmare

    Jump takeoff tips

    if your pulling back that far do a pushup. dead serious! pump with your arms and push the handlebars forward.
  9. suzuki244nightmare

    Music while riding

    when you ride while listening to music you get into a rythem. when im riding i think of the beat. especially with whoops
  10. suzuki244nightmare

    Attempt at seat bounce?

    that gastank cap can definitly hurt the family jewels ive slammed on the seat when i overshot a jump and my feet slipped off the pegs
  11. suzuki244nightmare

    Contact lense problems when riding!?

    keep an extra set soaking and switch b4 the second moto. I wear focus and they never dry out unless i leave them in. Ill forget im wearing them and if one falls out i wont notice unless i shut my other eye.
  12. suzuki244nightmare

    fast help with gearing on my 125

    you can get speed up alot quicker going round the corner in first or second gear while in the powerband than 1/4 throttle in third. try going around in second and if you cant get the powerband then pop the clutch right at the end of the turn, youll slide, but with good balance you can come out of the turn. I'm 13 on a 97 rm125 and at the track i race at i go around a turn going left with it slanting down to the right lol. but keep practicing going round that turn going faster and faster each time.
  13. suzuki244nightmare

    Gear question for the guys

    my gear is all used cept for my jersey and my gloves. my gloves, boots, and chest protector are thor and the only one with any damage is my chest protector because i ripped off part from hitting the dirt and slid 20ft on the whoops lol.
  14. suzuki244nightmare

    Hey TT'ers!

    you need to keep your balance and dont be afraid, cause if your afraid you'll eventually get hurt. Good luck, have fun!
  15. suzuki244nightmare

    Wreck Footage

    go to crashlaughing.com and they have a video where a guy dumps his chick off a crotch rocket popping a wheelie its hy sterical