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  1. Can you remove the mechanical seal and oil seal without removing the bearing and shaft? I have the primary case removed but it seems like the mechanical seal might be able to get removed without popping the shaft out. The mechanical seal looks delicate though, so my question is; If you remove the seal from the outer side (not engine side) does/will it damage it beyond re-use? Once out from the outter side, can the oil seal be plucked out? The alternative to this is press the shaft out and then pull the bearing and punch both seals out fron the engine side. I'm basically trying to skip some steps.
  2. mikie

    Latest Silly Season...

    James Stewart will sit this season out due to "not being ready". He will claim that we can expect him to race a few select supercrosses, but he will fail to back that statement up. He will miss the outdoors as well.
  3. mikie

    A Ride for JS7?

    Bubba is not racing this year. He wont be "ready" and will sit this one out. Mark my words.
  4. mikie

    RC at the MEC

    It's a euphemism for; Don't lay down and allow everyone by you. Put up a fight and race. Dummies.
  5. mikie

    Is it me or was the mec bubbas race to win?

    <<--- Predicts Bubba will not race 2012 Supercross. Yup. I said it. He will sit this one out.
  6. mikie

    Monster Cup – Reed out...

    My money says lot of riders back out. It will be riders like Hansen and Cunningham and Izzy battling it out. No big names, no past SX champions, etc. Just 8th-15th place guys riding over their heads. We'll see soon enough though.
  7. mikie

    Formula 1 comes to America

    In Austin, TX and MotoGP will be on the same track the following year for the next 10 years (I believe). If you've ever been to a MotoGP event (Indy / Laguna) you see SOOO many MX/SX people its not even funny. I ran into Reed/Carmichael/Byrne.. probably more @ Indy one year.
  8. mikie

    MXON USA celebration photo....

  9. mikie

    Latest pics of Stewart... on his bike !

    L&M,JSE, San Manuel Yamaha is James' team. He bought it.
  10. mikie

    Bagget is too inconsistant to deserve MX2 spot?

    On the Reed topic.. Reed has never done good @ MXoN.
  11. mikie

    What happened to Reedy's bike in the second

    ^^ John Dowd had electrical issue last year @ Southwick and stated that it was just too dangerous to have a bike cutting in and out while riding at full speed. I dont think anyone could justify hitting a jump 4th pinned with a bike randomly miss firing! No way Jose
  12. mikie

    Trey Canard- WOW

    Was posted up shorty after the redflag.
  13. mikie

    Motocross Trey Canard- WOW

    He was HAULIN'. It was so cool seeing a 4th man run upfront. Hope he gets well soon! RacerX and TransW have both been confirming the bad news on Twitter. Even Kehoe is said to have confirmed the bad news.
  14. I have looked high and low; online searches and contacting dealers. My rear-view mirror (inside) has a Temp Sensor and Compass. I've found the way to calibrate the compass. Hit calibrate and drive in circles until it calibrates itself. But my Temp Sensor just reads "OC". I'm assuming that means, Out of Calibration. The owners manual doesn't list anything in reference to this. Every dealer, whether it be in person or over the phone, is clueless. I've also Googled the subject to death and can't find a thing! What the heck?? I'd love to know the temps when I'm pulling up to the track, etc. Anyone on TT know how this thing works? I'd really really appreciate it!! edit: It also has a Zone funtion. What is this??
  15. mikie

    Mr. 490 is back!

    He would be a hazard on a motocross track with 40 pro's going all out. Especially the first turn (assuming he actually makes it to the first turn with the group).